Jabra PanaCast 20.

Personal video conferencing. Redefined.

It’s time to experience the next generation of intelligent and secure video collaboration in a compact and lightweight design with Jabra PanaCast 20. This premium quality video solution leverages the latest technology for an intelligent, powerful and absolutely unique collaboration experience. PanaCast 20 is a personal video conferencing camera that completely redefines your understanding of video.

Premium 4K Ultra HD video.

Picture perfect. Wherever you work.

When working remotely, you need to have the most advanced technology at your fingertips. PanaCast 20 makes sure you are always seen in the best light with AI-based 4K Ultra HD video that automatically guarantees the perfect picture. It’s also intelligent as the series of AI-supported features put you and your hard work centre stage. From Intelligent Zoom and image optimisation to our intuitive Picture-in-Picture mode, your PanaCast 20 personal video camera knows exactly what you need when.

AI-enabled image enhancement.

Are you ready for your close-up?

Being seen clearly makes all the difference. Our Intelligent Zoom feature uses AI ensuring you’re always centre stage no matter what you are doing. Intelligent Zoom uses a powerful integrated AI processor to intuitively adjust your image in real-time ensuring you’re always in the centre of the frame.

Personal and IT security.

One step ahead with Edge.

Prefer not appear in front of the camera today? Worried about online security during video calls? Privacy is top of the agenda with the PanaCast 20.

Video processing is carried out on a powerful Edge AI chip integrated into the device so that your data are secure and latency issues are a thing of the past. We’ve also added a built-in privacy cover so that you can enjoy your lunch in peace without having to worry about being seen by everyone else.

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