Logitech mice and keyboards for the workplace.


Maximise your productivity. Work without disturbing the others around you. Get the essentials for your workplace.

More and more people are working from home. It’s comfortable and offers many advantages. To make working for home enjoyable, it requires the right equipment.

Logitech can provide you with the best equipment for your home office. Depending on your individual requirements, we can provide the right equipment—whether you want to work ergonomically, are looking to achieve the best performance, compatible equipment for Apple devices or are looking to acquire the bare necessities for working from home. Whether mice, keyboards, webcams or headsets—we have it all.

Mice and keyboards individual components.


Make Logitech mice and keyboards your best friend. Benefit not only from their durability, but also from our prices.



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Mice and keyboard combi sets.


Experience the performance, versatility and comfort of the Logitech mouse and keyboard sets. The mice and keyboards have been developed in such a way that together, they deliver guaranteed high quality and durability.



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Logitech webcams.


A high quality external webcam is extremely valuable for video meetings or conferences. Logitech webcams offer a wide array of features to meet your exact needs. From a customisable field of view to auto focus and tilt functions to infra-red technology in our BRIO webcam. For the perfect video call: Place the camera at eye level and carry out a test to make sure that you are seen in the right light.



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Logitech headset.


A headset can make your life a lot easier. It frees up your hands to work at the computer while you are speaking. Thanks to inbuilt filters, your voice will be heard loud and clear. Choose from a large selection of wired and wireless headsets that you can connect to PCs, notebooks, smartphones and tablets.



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Logitech Healthy Computing – Feel better. Do better.

Bad posture is one of the biggest risk factors for repetitive strain injuries, symptoms of which include tense arms, shoulder, back and wrist pain. To tackle all of these complaints, Logitech designed its Ergo Series.


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