Perfect for on the go – Microsoft Surface Duo.


Don’t miss out on the unbeatable launch price and discover a revolutionary way to multi-task with the new Microsoft Surface Duo.




Surface Duo is a smartphone, tablet and mini notebook in one. It has been specifically developed for mobile productivity and comes with two 5.6" OLED displays that can rotate 360°.


No other device enables such revolutionary multi-tasking. Open two apps in parallel or open one across both screens. Drag and drop applications from one screen to another and say goodbye to constantly having to switch between them.
Folded out, the Duo transforms into a tablet. Use the device as a mini notebook with the bottom screen as a keyboard. To make a call or write a message on your phone, simply fold the displays all the way back. The rear display will switch off completely and the Duo can be slipped into any pocket or bag.


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The Surface Duo is packed with a range of enterprise features:
  • Security and management protection to keep your device, identity and data safe.
  • Cloud-based management to protect work-related data with a number of device management solutions including Microsoft Intune. Intune registrations require a hash ID.
  • A comprehensive Windows 10 experience in the cloud with Windows Virtual Desktop fulfils complex corporate and security requirements with support for mobile device forwarding and endpoint protection.
  • Developer tools for optimising Android-based customer-oriented and critical enterprise applications with the Surface Duo Software Development Kit (SDK) Preview with Android Studio.


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