Interactive learning provides new possibilities.


 How do you share knowledge in such a way that it really reaches people? One good way is to supplement traditional learning materials with interactive ones, to foster a real exchange in the learning process. For this purpose, we offer Samsung Smart Education solutions, a broad palette of devices that make learning more intuitive, creative and easier and help drive forward digitalisation at schools and education centres. With our digital technologies, we support better, more collaborative learning experiences for more diversity and fun. Join us on this journey into the future of knowledge transfer and see the new possibilities for yourself.

Flip – for a new era of learning.


 The Flip is a digital whiteboard that makes interactive learning the new normal. It offers near unlimited opportunities to make learning more intuitive and integrative.

  • Easy transition between classrooms and meeting rooms thanks to its high mobility.
  • Wireless connection to notebooks, tablets and smartphones for presenting, editing and sharing
  • Simple sharing and high protection for content
  • Multi-write support for up to 20 people
  • Multiple connection possibilities (HDMI, USB, DP, OPS slot) and fast screen sharing

Our comprehensive product range starts with a mobile Flip 55", which can be used as a supplement to the blackboard in various classrooms, and ends with a stationary Flip 85", which replaces a blackboard.


Flip 55” as a mobile variant (55”)
Flip 85" as a wall-mounted version (85")
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Samsung for schools.

Samsung provides new possibilities for learners and teachers alike. With our products we support the requirements of the new Swiss curriculum "Lehrplan 21" and their journey towards being a “school of the future”. And this is not even about completely replacing existing learning processes, materials and pedagogical concepts, but rather about supplementing them with innovative Samsung solutions. Teachers can stick to their regular routine and are supported by the Flip, can adjust it to their needs. Students using the Flip can learn media skills and how to use digital media confidently and responsibly, to get fit for the future.

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Made for the future of learning.

What you learn makes a huge difference. This applies especially to workshops, seminars and training in which employees often obtain a lot of knowledge in a short amount of time. This is where innovative solutions by Samsung support learning success, group play and simple sharing of results from sessions. Interactive learning, hybrid training and digital content are just some of many possibilities for companies with Samsung devices to realise innovative learning concepts and formats.


Samsung Smart Education solutions.

As a competent partner, Samsung supports Swiss schools and educational centres on their path of digital transformation. Building on and enhancing schools’ academic and conceptual expertise, Samsung adds extensive technology experience to the mix. Individual holistic solutions with innovative products make a digital and networked environment possible, even beyond the boundaries of the classroom. In order to provide the right solution for each area of application, we work closely with those responsible on-site to analyse the existing IT infrastructure, including the media concept. We then collaborate with our expert IT partners to develop bespoke solutions that perfectly meet the requirements at hand.

Galaxy Tab S7 FE 

Reading books was yesterday. The future belongs to tablets.


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Storage solutions

More room for new ideas and learning concepts.


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Improved learning with UHD monitors.


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