Experience the future of LED display technology today.
A growing number of companies have decided to breathe life into the customer experience indoors with IF series LED displays from Samsung—from conference rooms to reception areas to shop windows. Wherever you use them, Samsung’s LED displays will let you perfectly showcase your content in glorious high resolution. Enjoy impressive image quality, quick installation and simple management and show your customers what the future looks like today.
It couldn’t get much better than that!

Samsung’s IF series LED displays deliver crystal-clear and vivid best-in-class image quality.

  • The special LED technology with HDR (High Dynamic Range) offer a greater dynamic and contrast range.
  • Unique grayscale management guarantees clear and detailed image quality even in low brightness settings.
  • DSLR calibration for the fine-tuning of visual properties simplifies outstanding and uniform content presentation.


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As flexible as your ideas.


Samsung IF series LED displays are perfect for a wide range of uses and are easy to install and maintain.

Adapts to you.

What you want, you get. Whether that’s a concave or convex design that can be tilted or mounted from the ceiling. Let your imagination run wild!

Perfect, wherever you use it.

Seamless. A whole range of display solutions can be put together from individual, lightweight and compact modules. (max. 10 cm depth)

A technician’s best friend.

Easy maintenance. For added flexibility, components can be easily accessed from the front.

Be unique.


Samsung IF series LED display transform your content into breathtaking experiences.

Create moments that will live long in the mind of your customers and employees. Grab peoples’ attention in meeting rooms, transform waiting areas into auditoria and give your presentations the backdrop they deserve.

Give your customers more.


Leverage Samsung IF series LED displays to expand your brand presence in any room. Introduce a new dimension to your stores and inspire customers with visuals that sets new standards. No matter if you work in fashion or food, couture or crafts, you’ll win over new fans with impressive, life-like and perfect content presentation.

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See for yourself how flexible LED solutions for every application pay off.


We have a large range of LED display solutions that flexibly meet all your requirements in any environment.


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Microsoft Netherlands achieves more with Samsung.


At Microsoft, Samsung LED displays ensure that employees get the most out of every event.

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