Your pocket workplace.

With the new Samsung Galaxy S23, you can work at any time from anywhere.

Follow Marc and Laura and discover how one device can help you quickly, easily and securely manage your day.

Samsung Workplace campaign
07:00 – Rise and shine!

A normal start to the day. Employee Marc is sipping his freshly brewed coffee, checking his e-mails on his Galaxy S23. Suddenly, his phone vibrates and he sees he has received an e-mail from his colleague, Laura. She’s asking whether he’s finished their presentation for the customer visit.

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Get cracking with your work thanks to the Galaxy S23 giving access to all the apps you need and allowing you to write e-mails, edit documents and even take part in video conferences.

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08:00 – Home office.

Samsung DeX turns your Samsung Galaxy into a workstation.
Marc saves the final draft of his presentation directly on his phone before sending it to Laura. He then makes for the station to meet her.

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The Samsung Desktop Experience (DeX) lets you use your smartphone instead of a computer, connecting smartphone and monitor and the Bluetooth-paired keyboard set.

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Samsung Workplace campaign
10:00 – Coffee break.

Marc leaves the house to meet Laura at the café. They go over the slides on the Galaxy S23 and come up with a plan of action. 

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11:00 – Impressive welcome.

Laura and Marc wall into the building and their gaze falls on the sizeable display. It’s huge and is showing a personalised banner with their names and company logos.

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Large format displays offer a raft of advantages in reception areas and public spaces.

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The first impression counts, there are no second chances!
Reception solutions not only shorten waiting times, but also makes customers feel welcomed and informed.

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11:15 – Presentation.

Marc’s smartphone connects easily and wirelessly to the Samsung signage display using the screen mirroring function, his Galaxy S23’s screen instantly appearing on the display. Marc starts his presentation.

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Samsung smart signage –The perfect display solution for every business. Show your best side with razor-sharp images.

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Solutions for various room sizes.

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13:30 – No need to panic!

Laura is on her way to the station, when, suddenly, she feels a bump against her backpack. A quick check confirms her suspicion that her smartphone has been stolen She immediately initiates the process to delete the contents on her Galaxy S23.

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Samsung Knox – The security platform with the highest standards. Arm yourself against cyberattacks, data leaks, viruses, human error and all kinds of other new threats.

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17:00 – Time to call it a day.

Once Laura makes it to the office, her colleague welcomes her with a replacement device that is already up and running thanks to Samsung Knox.
Laura breathes a sign of relief and heads home for a well-earned rest.

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