Monitors for a flexible world of work: Samsung’s new line-up for the office and home office.

Samsung’s new S6, S6U, S8 and S8U series comprise ten new business monitor models in varying sizes and configurations.

Each series is made to meet the individual needs of desk workers, whether they’re working from at home or at the office. All series have high resolution displays and a height-adjustable stand.

The S6U and S8U series both have a LAN connection, which allows the monitors to be used as docking stations.



All models sport a slim metal stand and modern bezel-less design. They can also be tilted, turned or adjusted in height—at home or in the office—to make an ergonomic working environment. Thanks to the pivot function that is integrated into all monitors with the exception of the S6U 34", the monitors can be used in portrait mode.


S6 series


S6U SERIES (incl. LAN connection)


S8 series


S8U SERIES (incl. LAN connection)