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Software licence consulting: Your licence for more efficiency.

In order to keep on top of and retain an overview in the software and licence jungle, clearly defined responsibilities and structures are required for software licensing and licence management. Save time and money and improve efficiency with us as your technology advisor.


Choose the perfect licensing model for you with Bechtle and deploy efficient and cost-optimised software applications. Our team of consultants are experienced and possess the highest level of certification from all major manufacturers. Here are some examples of our range of licensing consultation services.

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Small & medium-sized businesses.

Bechtle offers a wide range of licensing options for small businesses.

Experts advise on how to best utilise functional and scalable solutions, thus saving on costs.


The bigger the business – and therefore the higher the number of computer workstations – the more important licence management becomes. Medium-sized businesses in particular will find it worthwhile seeking advice about licence versions. Give us a call today.


Large companies.

As well as head office IT environments, multinational corporate groups and large companies are also responsible for the licence models for remote affiliated companies and branches.


Your businesses should deploy licence models strategically. An intelligent licence strategy will help you increase efficiency and profitability giving you a measurable competitive advantage.

Your IT needs change – Your expectations remain high.

No matter the level of development of your company at present and no matter which corporate circles you intend to penetrate – we develop with you, with maximum flexibility. Whatever your IT needs, you can count on our expertise and support in every area.


Licence optimisation starts with an analysis and clearing up of your company’s current licence situation. We can support you in identifying and avoiding possible discrepancies between high-risk under-licensing and cost-intensive over-licensing.



Rely on our expertise:

  • Purchase of new and/or additional licences
  • Prompt support for agreement and licence renewals
  • Recommendations for optimising software licence management
  • Licence management via manufacturer portals
  • Sale of all software licences available globally in this sales channel
  • Activation and use of Microsoft Software Assurance Benefits
  • Individual and manufacturer-specific licence workshops on your premises
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