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Is your company prepared for a software audit? Do you know what software products you use, and if they’re all correctly licensed? Are you aware of your rights and obligations as a licence owner? Are you prepared for your annual True Up statement? Should you migrate to a newer-generation operating system? Don’t worry if you can’t answer these questions right away. We have the solutions to help you find them: Our SAM License Compliance Check and True-Up-Service.

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SAM LCC: Ready for a software audit? Keep track of your software.

SAM LCC is a snapshot of your software deployments and licensing situation. We’ll take on the software inventory of your existing software distribution tool or install a scanning tool that prepares data accordingly and searches your network for existing software. In addition to this, we will take a full, retroactive licence inventory and compare it with your current installations. The resulting compliance report will reveal any mismatched licences and installations, cover recommendations for remedying the situation and provide additional key information on your licence management.

The benefits of the SAM License Compliance Check.
  • Helps you respond with confidence to surprise audits
  • Delivers compliance reports for enhanced operative and strategic decision-making
  • Enables the identification and resolution of risks due to incorrect licensing
  • Provides transparency for contract negotiations or maintenance


SAM asks the right questions and provides the answers.
  • Active licence management manages, controls and protects your enterprise’s software from purchase to end-of-life. Questions often come up that have no quick or easy answer.
  • What software do you use in your organisation?
  • Does your software need licensing?
  • Are there any licence violations and how can these be avoided?
  • Are existing licenses being optimally used and is there any savings potential?
  • Is your company using a licensing model optimised to its IT strategy?


Our licence management experts can help you answer these questions. From manufacturer audits and purchasing new licences to the migration of existing licences and licence contracts.


License Compliance Check process:

Definition of requirements
Project time-scale, Definition of scope

Installation analysis

Determination and verification of data with scan tool, categorisation, creation of usage inventory

Licence analysis

Requesting and importing licences, creation of licence and contract inventory

Compliance check

Creating a compliance report including information on mismatched licences and installations, final report

Under-compliant? Not with our True-Up service.

Every company that has concluded one of the contracts must submit an annual True-Up order which takes into account any modifications made since the initial or the last True-Up order. Our True-Up service guarantees that True-Up reports are submitted in compliance with the law.


In a workshop led by one of our SAM specialists we will cover the following:

  • What are the benefits of our True-Up service?
  • Analysis of the actual situation regarding products within the contract
  • Provision for planned changes within your IT landscape
  • Determination of the quantity structure for True-Up reporting
  • Presentation of new trends in products and services
  • Documentation and recommendations for action
  • Determination of the correct number of licences within standardisation
  • Contract-compliant implementation of the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA)
  • Option to optimise licences and products
  • Exchange of licensing know-how

In most cases, a True-Up report must be submitted 30 to 60 days before the anniversary date.

Your Comsoft contact will be in touch in good time about your True-Up service.


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