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Microsoft licence review: Utilise your business’s potential.

The following SAM Value Engagements are detailed guides designed to help you understand Microsoft product licensing, simplify licensing, maintain compliance, and improve your software asset management policies and procedures.

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Increase productivity and reduce costs with the cloud:

Cloud Productivity Engagement
  • Provides a clear prioritisation of what’s ready to migrate today and what needs to wait
  • Identifies how cloud-based scalability can increase organisational agility
  • Improves cost management thanks to individual licensing models
  • Provides insights on cost and technology benefits of moving to the cloud

Flyer SAM Cloud Productivity Engagement


Infrastructure evaluation and optimisation:

Infrastructure Optimisation Engagement
  • Gives you a better usage and consumption overview
  • Gives insight into cost benefits of cloud migration and cost of ownership
  • Enables cost reduction by improving operational efficiency
  • Shows which workloads should be stored first in the cloud
  • Evaluates your overall infrastructure in relation to your OnPremise and Cloud strategy

Flyer Infrastructure Optimization Engagement


Enhance your servers’ efficiency and productivity:

Server Optimization Engagement
  • Optimises your existing server loading and applications
  • Offers insight on moving additional workloads to virtualisation or the cloud
  • Enhances server strategies and their implementation
  • Lowers costs by improving operational efficiency
  • Supports you in fulfilling reporting requirements

Flyer Server Optimization Engagement

Cybersecurity Assessement

Optimum protection and security thanks to Cybersecurity:

Cybersecurity Engagement
  • Minimises data loss, fraud, and employee absence
  • Reduces costs by protecting against cyber-attacks and increases your business’s efficiency
  • Enables secure software administration
  • Gives you reliable Cybersecurity procedures
  • Develops a stable and flexible IT infrastructure that effectively protects you against attacks

flyer cybersecurity engagement

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