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Software licensing - support and workshops.

It’s probably becoming increasingly difficult for you to keep track of the ever more complex area of licensing. Bechtle’s range of services includes the most relevant IT topics for future-oriented SMBs and enterprises.


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Expert workshops.

Microsoft Contracts

Unable to keep track of all Microsoft license and service options? Bechtle can help find the best agreement for you (MPSA / EA / CSP / Select Plus / Open).


Windows and Application Server Licensing

What‘s the best server licensing option for your business? Core, Server/Cal, virtual or OnPremise?  A clear Microsoft server strategy also includes license optimisation. Bechtle‘s specialists help you chose the right licensing for your needs.


SQL Server Licensing

Do you know the differences between SQL Standard and Enterprise or between Core and Server CAL models?  You can save a lot of money with the right SQL constellation. Discuss licensing basics with Bechtle‘s experts to determine the strategy that suits your needs.


Client Strategie

Are you about to renew your client infrastructure? Is the Microsoft license contract about to end?  Then ask yourself these questions: Office with or without Software Assurance? Office 365 or rather Microsoft 365? Bechtle‘s specialists are ready to answer these and any other questions you have.


CHF 220.– per hour per service


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Microsoft Licensing Professional (MLP).

Microsoft Course

In this course you will learn about different aspects of licensing management and contract forms and discuss various case studies. We teach you the basics of proper licensing and help you to optimise your software acquisition and maintenance costs.


If you like, you can take an online test at the end of the seminar to certify yourself as a Microsoft Licensing Professional (MLP).

Flat rate for individual courses

CHF 800.– excl. VAT for existing customers
CHF 1250.– excl. VAT for new customers

(incl. course materials and catering)


Flat-rate for courses for up to max. 10 people

CHF 4500.– excl. VAT. (incl. course materials, in-company training)


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Microsoft Licensing Professional (MLP).

Second Opinion

You‘ve received a software procurement offer but are unsure if it‘s the best option for you?  Bechtle‘s second opinion gives you the peace of mind of being able to choose from the best options. The price will be waived if you order from Bechtle .


License Summary

Do you have a detailed overview of the type and number of licenses you have and their start and end dates?  We are happy to create a document listing all software licenses purchased from Bechtle . What‘s more you can request license information—even for licenses purchased elsewhere.


Software Budgeting

Are you about to start your budgeting phase or is a big project on the horizon? Bechtle‘s experts are happy to calculate different variants to act as a sound decision-making basis.


Second opinion

CHF 220.– per hour


Licence summary

CHF 400.– per report


Software budgeting

Prices for Microsoft: 2 versions CHF 400.–

Every additional version + CHF 50.–


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Microsoft support package.

Microsoft Administration Support

Are you having problems with the Microsoft portals or annoyed about waiting so long for support? Bechtle will take on these administrative tasks that cost you a lot of time and effort.


  • MSDN-user-activation
  • Key-download
  • Microsoft customer support enquiries made by Bechtle
  • VLSC support (questions about VLSC and other Microsoft portals)

CHF 100.– per month


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Adobe licence optimisation.

Adobe License Optimisation

Which license best suits your company? Which product is the best to support creative minds in their daily work? License optimisation gives you a solid basis for future-oriented Adobe licensing.


Adobe Escalation Support  

Are you having problems with Adobe products or need Adobe support?  Bechtle‘s Adobe specialists are pleased to act as your single point of contact. They liaise and coordinate between you and Adobe. All telephone calls and emails are handled by Bechtle to ensure targeted placement of requests so that your problems are solved quickly and efficiently.


CHF 220.– per hour


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Oracle licensing.

Oracle Licensing

Our Oracle license specialists can help with everything connected to the licensing of Oracle products and Oracle cloud services. It does not matter whether it is a first-time acquisition of licenses, an extension or conversion of an existing Oracle license portfolio or a termination of licenses.


Bechtle is happy to support you in:

  • Analysing your contract and license situation
  • Consulting and Proof of Concepts (PoCs) to get the most out of Oracle cloud services
  • Optimising licenses and on-going support costs
  • Attractive conditions and offers


Make the most of our Oracle know-how and we‘ll create a non-binding offer with an optimum license model.




CHF 250.– per hour


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