Hero Azure
June 5, 2024

10:00 -11:00 AM

Online in German.

Azure migration made easy - Success with Bechtle.

Learn in this webinar how you can realise an effective and secure cloud migration. We will uncover the key strategies for a seamless migration and show you how the Bechtle Azure Migration Package can quickly and securely transfer your workloads to the cloud.




Security when migrating your business-critical data.

Optimizing your IT infrastructure for the future.

Understanding the steps of cloud migration.

Knowledge transfer by experts.

  • Insight into the process of the Bechtle Azure Migrate Package
  • Demonstrations of technical processes
  • Identification and preparation of your workloads for migration
  • Practical instructions for migrating your data and applications

  • Overview: Bechtle Azure Migrate Package 
  • First steps and preparation
  • Strategies for successful migration 
  • Deployment phase: Everything is ready to go 
  • Migration phase: The big moment 


Thomas Bründler, Head of Azure Solutions, Bechtle Schweiz AG.

«For me, Azure is the driving force behind cloud innovation, enabling us to offer highly flexible and scalable solutions. The wide range of Azure services helps our customers to transform their business processes efficiently and securely.»


Joel Kostin, System Engineer Professional, Bechtle Schweiz AG.

«Azure continues to impress me with its robust security architecture, which can easily cope with even the most demanding data requirements. It is the backbone of our cloud strategy, enabling our customers to make a seamless and secure start into the digital future.»