Christopher Pilz, Managing Director Bechtle Frankfurt

Why is Frankfurt an ideal Bechtle location?
Frankfurt am Main has excellent location qualities. The city is the economic and geographical centre of the region. Known above all for its strong financial sector, Frankfurt am Main has a number of important target industries: Creative industries, IT and telecommunications, biotechnology and life sciences, logistics and industry. Thanks to its excellent infrastructure, Frankfurt am Main is not only very easy to reach, but also very well networked. In addition, Frankfurt is one of the most important data traffic hubs in the world.


Nowhere is the pace faster than on the Zeil, one of Germany's highest-turnover shopping streets. But the city on the Main is also cozy. For example, in the apple wine bars, where people meet for a pint after work in some almost village districts. The metropolis is hip and trendy. The trends of tomorrow are born here. Frankfurt's strong international orientation with about 180 nations favours a high-quality workforce potential, which is complemented by international and company-related educational institutions. The 20 international kindergartens and 13 schools also underline the international character of the city.

What distinguishes your local team?
The majority of the management team has been with Bechtle for many years and has grown out of "their own ranks", which shapes our corporate culture. We have strong growth and continuously integrate new colleagues without losing our identity and losing sight of our customers. We are a very dynamic team.

Why is Bechtle Frankfurt an attractive partner for its customers?
In a fast moving city like Frankfurt and a dynamic IT industry, our customers benefit from a reliable and experienced partner like Bechtle.

We are also able to provide our customers with comprehensive advice and support by networking with our head office and other system houses.

Where do you see Bechtle's Frankfurt location in ten years' time?
Market leadership in the region will be significantly expanded.


What is the biggest challenge in the IT sector?
The shortage of skilled workers.

What was the most exciting highlight for Bechtle Frankfurt?
The merger with Bechtle Darmstadt as the Rhine-Main network.

What tasks do you have as Managing Director?
The range of tasks is very broad. At the end of the day, the focus of my work is always on the customer, on creating employee satisfaction and performance.

Why is Bechtle Frankfurt particularly attractive for employees?
The high dynamism resulting from the permanent growth and success of the company offers employees great opportunities for further development and the security of working in a company with a strong future.

What job profiles are being sought in Frankfurt?
Department heads and consultants in the EUC, Network, Security, Account Manager, Internal Sales, Service Manager, Service Technician, Sales Consultant...

What do you expect from applications?

The applicant must embody the Bechtle values. The perseverance, reliability, enthusiasm and down-to-earth attitude of our employees contribute to our success.

What employees say:


My team and I deal daily with new and future-oriented software solutions to advance our customers. To make this possible, it requires colleagues with far-reaching and extraordinary skills in all departments of the system house in Frankfurt. The daily work with exactly these people turned many different individuals into a family unit. This is where I found my professional home.


Lisa Timm


Nothing is more constant than change. This wisdom is more valid today than ever. It's really great to ask the right questions with colleagues and customers, find answers and solutions to the challenges of digitization, and work together to drive digital transformation.


Daniel Mensah