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Bechtle GmbH IT System House Nuremberg

Fürther Straße 248b

90429 Nürnberg

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Uwe Dittrich
Managing Director
Matthias Porwik
Managing Director
Matthias Porwik und Uwe Dittrich, Managing Directors Bechtle Nuremberg


Why is Nuremberg an ideal Bechtle location?

After difficult years, Nuremberg has developed into a business location with a diverse IT and services market. Nuremberg is home to DATEV, one of the largest IT service providers and software developers in Germany, which also shapes the cityscape with a large number of buildings. In addition, Nuremberg has an ideal mix of public sector clients as well as industrial, medium-sized and enterprise customers. A very good transport connection and the location in the heart of Franconia round off the location. The Bechtle IT system house Nuremberg is located in the heart of Nuremberg, on Fürther Straße, where the first German railway, among others, ran in 1835.


What distinguishes your team on site?

Reliability, stability, commitment, helpfulness and very well trained employees with know-how. The majority of our employees have been with Bechtle Nürnberg for 10 years or more, which guarantees a high degree of continuity in our relationship with our customers. Thanks to our positioning and market presence, we are always able to attract young talents and people to our team. 


Why is Bechtle Nuremberg an attractive partner for its customers?

We offer high-quality products, services and solutions. In addition, our regional proximity and flexibility are appreciated by our customers.


The mixture of a regional system house with access to the possibilities of a large corporation is ideal for our costumers.

Where do you see the Bechtle location in Nuremberg in ten years?

No. 1 in Northern Bavaria and the fixed point for public-sector clients in Bavaria.


What is the biggest challenge in the IT sector?

To standardize the constantly growing complexity. Bechtle must integrate digitization and the diverse possibilities of artificial intelligence into its business and help our customers to use these possibilities profitably. The business is developing in the direction of so-called consumption models, IT usage models as a service with usage-dependent payment. We must take this paradigm shift into account without neglecting our traditional business.


What was the most exciting highlight for Bechtle Nuremberg?

The acquisition and integration of our Humanioden robot, Pepper. Successfully used at the first-time "Smart Country Convention", with a contribution from N-TV about Pepper and the Bechtle booth. In 2019, we will also move into a new building on the site of the former AEG. This is more than twice the size of our previous location. There the Modus Consult and a SolidPro Democenter will also move in. Thus we have a Bechtle House with all Bechtle participations in Franconia - and that in the middle of Nuremberg.


What tasks do you have a managing directors?

In addition to the usual tasks of a proper managing director, such as number responsibility, personnel responsibility, etc., we also have to think about the strategy and future development of Bechtle Nuremberg together with our management circle and implement it consistently. But the most important thing is to accompany our employees on the path of constant change. Always being the contact person for our employees and colleagues is also part of this.


Why is Bechtle Nuremberg particularly attractive for employees?

We offer a wide range of opportunities for professional and personal development, keyword: Bechtle Academy. Furthermore, Bechtle Nuremberg offers its employees a "fruit basket" once a week for a healthy and balanced diet, as well as the possibility of a "health massage" once a month. "Employees recruit employees" as well as other employee programs round off the efforts to become an attractive employer.  


What job profiles are being sought in Nuremberg?

Apprentices in the commercial and technical fields, IT specialists, account managers, cloud specialists as well as career changers.


What do you expect from applicants?

Honesty and loyalty to Bechtle Nuremberg. Interest in new topics, team spirit, flexibility and intercultural experience.



„IT bestimmt schon heute ganz maßgeblich unser Leben, beruflich wie privat. Für unsere Kunden müssen wir vorweggehen und Sie auf dem Weg zu neuen Lösungen begleiten."

Matthias Porwik



Mein Team ist zielstrebig, ehrgeizig und schafft es immer wieder über sich hinauszuwachsen.

Lisa Montag
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