Bechtle GmbH IT System House Dortmund – Branch Siegen


Téléphone: +49 271 3037780


Bechtle GmbH IT System House Dortmund – Branch Siegen

Birlenbacher Straße 20

57078 Siegen

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Frank Wrede
Managing Director
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Frank Wrede, Managing Director Bechtle Dortmund


Why is Dortmund an ideal Bechtle location?

Dortmund has around 600,000 inhabitants, 53,000 students at six universities and numerous scientific institutes and research facilities that offer great innovation potential for the future-oriented industries in which it is located.

What distinguishes your local team?

We have the perfect mix of young and experienced employees.

Why is Bechtle Dortmund an attractive partner for its customers?
We have broad expertise in many areas, are close to our customers and always work at eye level with them. Even when there are problems, together we find the optimal solution.


What is the biggest challenge in the IT industry?
Successfully mastering and shaping the opportunities and challenges of digitalization.

What was the most exciting highlight for Bechtle Dortmund?
Last year, we moved into a new building at Phoenix West. On 3,000 square metres, the new building creates space for more than 150 modern workplaces with an open and pleasant working atmosphere.

What tasks do you have as Managing Director?
My greatest tasks are team building, shaping corporate strategy and creating an attractive environment for employees and customers.

Why is Bechtle Dortmund particularly attractive for employees?
We have flat hierarchies that offer a great deal of freedom in decision-making and design. Our extremely successful development offers employees great opportunities and of course we have the nicest colleagues and the greatest team.

What job profiles are you looking for in Dortmund?
We are looking for Account Managers, System Engineers and IT Consultants.

What do you expect from applications?
I expect initiative, identification with the Bechtle genes, willingness to perform and pleasure in success.



What employees say:


I've had a great career here in a short time. I was given responsibility and the freedom I needed early on.

Lars Kröllken, Head of IT Security Competence Team



I have been with the company for over 25 years and have continuously developed myself. Today I am an IT Business Architect and lead the DataCenter & Cloud competence team.


Frank Thomas, Leiter Kompetenzteam DataCenter & Cloud

A trainee learns a lot here. Besides vocational school, I am involved in interesting projects and am already responsible for my own customer situations


Kurt Blum, Trainee IT specialist system integration

The team's just great. The work is fun.


Jennifer Reble, Internal sales team for medium-sized companies

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