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E-procurement made by Bechtle.

Professional, customised IT procurement portals.


It’s a double edged sword – you’re expected to keep purchasing costs down, yet your in-house users expect a certain standard of quality. And that’s not the only challenge you find yourself facing as an IT or purchasing manager operating in an increasingly digital value chain. Make space for strategic tasks and become a value creator for your business – with Bechtle by your side throughout the entire procurement process.


bios® is a custom online procurement system designed to save time and money, streamline and accelerate procurement processes, optimise the use of framework agreements across your organisation, and automatically manage your IT assets. And it goes right through to your bottom line—over half of Bechtle’s customers across Europe use bios® to dramatically cut down on IT procurement and management costs. And they’re getting much more than just hardware and software. Backed by our comprehensive consulting services for all your IT needs—from point products to end-to-end solutions—and combined with bespoke procurement concepts (dispersed or centralised procurement teams, framework agreements, tailored portfolios), bios® has all your bases covered.

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Your benefits.

With a choice of over 70,000 products from more than 300 manufacturers available online, we give you the whole world of current IT at your fingertips. Your exclusive bios® shop gives authorised employees access to a pre-approved range of products that meet your organisation’s specific needs, from printer supplies to licences to custom-configured PCs. With just the click of a mouse, your purchasers can source products at up-to-date prices complete with convenient e-invoicing and e-signatures. At the same time, you have complete visibility into all procurement activities with transparent statistics and custom reports. Easy user management with granular user permissions, shipping and invoice address management, a role-based and multi-tier authorisation workflow, and much more help you achieve and streamline a paperless procurement process throughout Europe.


What’s more, standardised APIs allow us to integrate bios® with your ERP system for a lightning fast exchange of quotes, orders, invoices and other data to further expedite your in-house processes. An optional, built-in IT asset management solution enables automated management for the complete lifecycle of your IT.


“Since 1995, we have been breaking the barriers of e-commerce for our customers. Businesses expect solutions that optimally support their procurement process in line with their internal policies. Our procurement platforms seamlessly align to the needs of the people behind this process, not the other way around.” 

Martin Meyer, Head of E-Procurement at Bechtle

Your benefits.

Sharpen your edge with bios®.

Real-time market visibility.

  • Over 70,000 products from more than 300 manufacturers
  • Highly flexible, harmonised product selection
  • In line with your compliance policies
  • Complete control with granular user permissions

Transparent IT asset management.

  • Asset security (administration, change management, IMAC processes, costs, reports)
  • Licence security (administration, software catalogue, compliance check)
  • IT security

Business process automation.

  • Streamlined, clearly defined workflows
  • Fewer transcription errors
  • Fully digital, non-disruptive data exchange
  • Faster order processing and turnaround
  • Advanced management and reporting
  • Reduced costs through bundled purchasing
  • Optimised leverage of unified framework agreements and delivery terms

over 50 %

of Bechtle customers use bios®

53 %

of orders are placed through bios®




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