Save Operational Cost and Optimize Your Critical Infrastructure with EcoStruxure IT Expert Assessments


What is EcoStruxure™ IT Expert?

As data continues to proliferate so does the need for greater availability and operational efficiency at the edge. Empower your team to improve the performance of your power and cooling infrastructures, reduce costs, and mitigate risk with EcoStruxure IT Expert.

Through a cloud- and IoT-enabled platform, EcoStruxure IT Expert delivers secure, vendor-neutral monitoring of remote connected assets.


EcoStruxure IT : Proactive monitoring and administration of your non IT infrastructure for the EDGE sector, local server rooms and data centres.


Schneider Electric supports its customers in the administration of their non IT infrastructure with a new innovative EcoStruxure IT solution.  With this app, which is available as a service in a Software as a Service model, it is possible to achieve significantly more efficiency, security and lower operating costs for the administration of non IT technologies regardless of their location. Non IT technologies are products and solutions that are required to operate IT technologies, e.g. in the areas of secure power supply, cooling, power metering, monitoring of physical environments and access control systems. This part of the infrastructure too is managed, connected to the internet or a local network and hence becomes an integral component of the total IT infrastructure that just as important in terms of availability and security as the IT itself.

EcoStruxure IT belongs to the group of so-called next-generation DCIM, i.e. a new generation of monitoring tools that operate in a cloud environment and therefore take advantage of all the benefits of such a solution concept, including, for example, artificial intelligence, proactive analysis, the ability to assess the status of connected devices, remote access and connectivity with other vendor resources and services. EcoStruxure IT also comprehensively addresses the area of cyber security, where the app is capable of identifying security risks that include non-updated software versions within the devices, misconfigurations, communication protocols, insufficient security levels, as well as lack of service support for connected devices from the manufacturer, which is relatively critical for the operation of the technologies. This is an app that is open to third-party products and, thanks to simple integration, allows you to continue using the existing monitoring tool as a higher-level app. Of course, there is graphical representation and visibility of the entire infrastructure, the ability to customise the user environment and make connections from any location and any terminal.

From a security perspective, it should be emphasised that although this is a cloud-based solution, the communication of the registered devices towards the cloud is encrypted and it is not possible to connect to these devices from an external network or the internet. The development, support and security level of this tool comply with Schneider Electric’s cybersecurity standards and meet all required standards and certifications. In addition, EcoStruxure IT is just one of the EcoStruxure tools, other versions of which are used across industries in energy management and industrial automation, including mission-critical applications.

The main benefit of EcoStruxure IT is a significantly higher efficiency in the management of non-IT technologies, where, thanks to this app, significant time savings and reduction of the total cost of ownership are achieved through the automation of most processes and the use of the concept of cloud-based tools. 


Main features of EcoStruxure IT:


Inventory - a list of all connected devices, sorted by location, device type or fault type, including their names, IP addresses and other data, such as info on power, load or battery life for UPS products.


Device health comparison - with 100,000,000 anonymised and analysed records from other devices connected to EcoStruxure IT, comparison of efficiency, lifetime and performance, including other recommendations.


Intelligent alarm management - with the ability to change importance, postpone validity, mark recurring events, with the app recommending which specific alarms to mark in this way. Notifications can be sent in a variety of ways, including email, with the option to set additional rules and recipients. 


Condition evaluation of connected units - including recommendations for measures to extend service life. E.g. for UPS batteries, in addition to the usual information, the app shows which parameters affect the battery’s life, how to treat them and over what period of time the battery is expected to continue to be able to fulfil the required parameters, and when a battery change should be arranged to ensure the unit’s uptime.

Quickly identify devices that require attention through assessments of your critical power and cooling equipment.





Quickly identify devices that require attention through assessments of your critical power and cooling equipment.


UPS health assessments

Optimize your IT infrastructures by running assessments on uninterruptible power supply

(UPS) health and export UPS data as a CSV file to help you build your own reports.


*Included in EcoStruxure IT Expert Free Trial


Get insights from the health score attributed to your UPS, receive recommendations on how to improve it, and get insights on the battery wear including the its expected end of life.


UPS load assessment

This assessment gives you insight into aggregated load information for your UPS devices so you can take the right actions and organize your equipment more efficiently.


Device security vulnerability assessment

This assessment provides you with a unique set of insights and visibility into old firmware, outdated hardware and vulnerable configurations. Plus, taking the actions recommended by the assessment enables you to handle security risks proactively, which ultimately saves you time.


Active lifespan alarms assessment

The Active lifespan alarms assessment looks at active critical alarms that may impact the use of your unit. It shows currently active and recently resolved alarms. The view of the devices and alarms helps you determine what needs to replaced based on the alarms present.


Alarm assessment

The Alarm report takes a deeper dive into the alarms for each unit. Select a device to see details around alarms activated during the last 30 days and, significant changes in the data.

UPS devices also include UPS score details.

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