Optimise your mobile workstation with Dell Technologies.

Working from home has reached a high point in importance that many people never expected. Dell Technologies shows you how you can work effectively and productively from home and offers you professional options to create an ergonomic and well-set up workplace in your own four walls.

Maximum productivity in seconds – The perfect companions for every day working.


You need everything to work smoothly, especially when it comes to mobile working. Dell Latitude notebooks unite mobility with a high work pace and compact form factor—slim and modern. Windows 10 Pro allows you to easily and flexibly manage everything, letting you achieve more. These productive powerhouses scalably ensure that you can work effectively, conveniently, and towards your goals even when not in the office.


Dell Latitude 5500    Dell Latitude 7400


Even more efficient with DELL accessories.

Dell Technologies monitor recommendations.


Multiple documents, longer texts, working with various programs. Notebook screens are quickly pushed to their limits. It’s not just annoying and sometimes a waste of time, but after a while it also takes a toll on your motivation and productivity. As a global leader, Dell has the right display for every use. But no matter whether you choose one of the Professional series or an UltraSharp display, you’ll benefit from the experience that’s gone into making the products as well as excellent service. Ergonomics options such as height adjustment, tilt, and pivot help you adjust your monitor and workstation to you and your working style.



Never without – Keyboard and mouse set.


Of course, you can work very well with a Dell notebook’s touchpad and built-in keyboard when you’re on the go or on a business trip, but many people find that over longer periods they miss the convenience of a proper mouse and keyboard with numpad. Dell offers high-quality desktop sets at an attractive price that let you work quickly and efficiently in the comfort you’re used to. Create a tidy, wireless workstation where you can feel good, without having to organise or lay cables.



All-round favourites – Dell docking stations.


Dell’s dock options let you have all of your peripherals at your fingertips when working from home. Enjoy using just a single cable, no connecting and disconnecting, an integrated network connection, and additional USB ports. And if you do have to work outside of your home, your notebook will be fully charged.



Top-secret recommendation: DA300 USB-C adapter.


The DA300 is one of the most popular Dell notebook and mobile device accessories. This adapter turns your device’s USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 port into multiple different ports: USB-C, USB 3.0, Ethernet, VGA, HDMI and DisplayPort. This adapter is a kind of mobile, pocket docking station that equips you for every meeting—whatever type of port the meeting room protection has. The short connection cable can be stowed in the case, making this compact and versatile adapter the ideal companion for all of your trips, appointments, and meetings. 



Four Dell Technologies recommendations for working from home.


Get out of your pyjamas!

Wearing business attire makes it easy to get into the zone for work and marks a clear distinction between work and leisure time.


Set up fixed working hours.

It makes you more productive, ensures a clear rhythm, and divides work from leisure.


Tea breaks with colleagues.

Set up regular calls where you meet your team for 10 - 15 minutes where you just have a chat as you would while sharing a cuppa. IMPORTANT: Make sure you don't lapse into talking about work, there are other meetings for that!


After-work sport.

Clear your head of work thoughts, radiate happiness hormones and get rid of stress.