TRACE the movement.


TRACE is flexible and intuitively adapts to users’ movements—perfect for work ranging from individual tasks to group work.


This innovative monitor mount enables ergonomic, flexible workspaces that effortlessly shift between users’ style of working in a way that makes them feel comfortable. It adapts perfectly to different tasks to encourage movement and collaboration, before returning to its natural home position. The modular design and 15-year premium warranty guarantee your long-term investment.



  • Agile work styles – Easily transition between individual tasks and group work 
  • More space – Your monitor floats above your desk 
  • Great organisation – Integrated cable management reduces clutter 
  • Flexible design – Switch between single and dual-monitor setups in a snap 
  • Ergonomic – Encourages regular movement and healthy work styles 

Professional-grade quality

Constant Force™ technology

Allows for easy adjustment and long-lasting dependability.

BIFMA Level® 2 certification

Certified based on the low environmental and social impact.

15-year warranty

Long-term investment with a premium warranty.

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