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Manufacturer no.: NACHR000SLWCH5S12C

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Segment: Corporate, Product language: German Germany, English United States, Spanish Spain, French France, Italian Italy, Japanese, Portuguese Brazil, Chinese traditional (Taiwan), Licensing model: Commercial customers, Operating system: Windows, Type: Licence, perpetual

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Manufacturer no.: V-ONE000-VS-P0000-00

Bechtle no.: 836544

Segment: Corporate, Duration: 1 year(s), Product language: English United States, Licensing model: Veeam standard, Operating system: Cross-platform


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New challenges posed by the virtualisation trend.

Data loss and theft are a company’s worst nightmare. At the best, they result in additional costs and work. But in the worst-case scenario, they can threaten a business’s very existence. Data storage should therefore always be accompanied by a backup strategy. High-availability solutions are also necessary to ensure these systems are able to run round-the-clock. The experts in our Bechtle online shop will be happy to provide you with professional advice on software for storage, backup and recovery as well as high-availability solutions.


Professional data backups.

Many businesses use mainframe computers to conduct data backups as part of a robust security architecture. Server agents guarantee that the process continues to the end without getting bogged down. The required software must fit into your IT infrastructure to ensure smooth backup and recovery for clients and servers. Bechtle offers such software from leading providers such as Veritas, Arcserve, Acronis and Veeam. You’ll find a broad range of software for any environment in our online shop.


Legally compliant data archiving.

Data archiving, or the storage of digital data over several years, is just as important as backup and recovery. This data must remain read-only accessible—in other words, protected from tampering—and kept out of reach of unauthorised parties. For companies, such archiving is the rule, not the exception. Archived documents may be used as evidence in future disputes. In this case, not only must they be available to consult, proof must be provided that no changes were made to the original document. Statutory regulations also require documents to be retained for specific periods of time. Such requirements can only be met with professional software solutions, which you can find right here in our Bechtle online shop.