Jochen Hemmerich, Managing Director Bechtle Niederrhein

Why is Duisburg an ideal Bechtle location?  

The Niederrhein system house with headquarters in Duisburg is located in the heart of the Ruhr area. With the largest inland port in the world, the Duisburg logistics hub has developed into a key component of the new Silk Road in trade with China. As a result, numerous companies have been able to settle around the port. Former industrial sites of heavy industry are today attractive leisure and cultural centers, while Duisburg is still the largest blast furnace in the world. Duisburg is a city where old and new merge.  

What distinguishes your local team?

We have a good mix of young and experienced employees who were merged from the two companies Krefeld and Duisburg at the Duisburg location to form Systemhaus Niederrhein on 01.01.2017.

Why is Bechtle Niederrhein an attractive partner for its customers?

We attach great importance to long-term and reliable partnerships with our medium-sized customers.


Where do you see Bechtle Duisburg in ten years?

On the one hand, I would like to continue to grow at the location with my team and thus create the necessary scope for further investments. On the other hand, we have long since successfully completed the transition from traditional IT business to digitization and artificial intelligence and are perceived by our customers as a competent partner in these areas. In order to always be up to date, I am already intensively involved in various projects and support the exchange of knowledge with startups from the logistics sector.

What is the biggest challenge in the IT industry?
IT already plays a decisive role in our lives today, both professionally and privately. Many people experience IT as a user and enjoy the comforts of everyday life. The backgrounds, the complexity, the dependencies and risks are often not penetrated. This is why it is very important, especially in medium-sized companies, that we accompany our customers, but also go ahead and show them new ways. However, this only works because we ourselves understand and master the ever faster innovations and complexities and can communicate them to our customers. A quality that not only makes us strong for the future, but also our customers and their IT.

Which tasks do you have as managing director?

As Managing Director, I have overall responsibility for the company with the three pillars of sales, internal sales and administration and the technical area. This makes the job very interesting and varied and you always experience exciting projects and moments. What I find particularly exciting is the room for manoeuvre and the creative possibilities that I have as Managing Director. A very important part of my everyday life is the constant contact with people, be it in contact with our customers and manufacturer partners or in the daily contact with employees, applicants.

Why is Bechtle Niederrhein particularly attractive for employees?

We are a small team of currently 40 employees with flat hierarchies who pursue a common goal: To grow further in the coming years. We are therefore looking for motivated and passionate young people who would like to inspire and strengthen our team.

Which job profiles are being sought in Duisburg?

We are currently looking for reinforcement in our sales team as account manager, in the internal sales department and as system engineer in the area of network/data center.


What do you expect from applications?

I am looking for people who are enthusiastic about our common mission and who are willing to make their passionate contribution to the success of our mission as team players.

What employees say:


Our customers can be found on the beautiful Lower Rhine and in the middle of the Ruhr area. Those who know the people there know that trust and honesty are very important here. This is what our team in Duisburg is all about and what we stand for.


Sabine Kunze, Account Manager, Bechtle Niederrhein


Bechtle vernetzt seine Mitarbeiter sehr eng mit den Hersteller-Communities und behält damit die Trends der IT im Auge. Maßgeschneiderte persönliche Entwicklungspläne und individuelle Weiterbildungsprogramme fördern und motivieren mich. Der Aufbau meines Know-hows trägt zum Erfolg des Unternehmens bei. Vor allem der Zuspruch und ein Lob der Kunden motivieren mich anspruchsvolle und vielseitige Projekte zu realisieren und zum Erfolg zu führen.


Denis Ganiev, Systems Engineer, Bechtle Niederrhein