Reliable compass for sustainable management.

Since we began systematically working with the topic of sustainability, our highest priorities have always been to remain authentic and credible. Our goal has always been to embrace sustainability in all its facets, and, wherever possible, to make it quantifiable and traceable. The Bechtle Sustainability Code is a reliable compass for a responsible, future-oriented corporate governance, which must be transformed into a sustainable corporate strategy in the future, based on reporting which has been continuously developed over the previous years.


Questions about sustainability at Bechtle?

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Bechtle Sustainability Code.

Sustainable corporate management.

Sustainable corporate management means taking responsibility for the economic, ecological and social implications of our business decisions.

Sustainable employee development.

Sustainable employee development is essential for ensuring our company’s long-term economic success.

Commitment to human rights.

Sustainable commitment to human rights means acknowledging and fulfilling our duty to protect human rights within our sphere of influence.

Sustainable, principled business practices.

Sustainable, principled business practices such as honesty, fairness and reliability underscore Bechtle’s integrity, and govern our conduct within the company and towards our external partners.

Sustainable customer relationships.

Sustainable customer relationships are only possible if we place our customers’ needs and satisfaction at the heart of all we do.

Environmental awareness.

Sustainable environmental awareness is the first step towards fulfilling our obligations not only to this generation but also to the next.

Sustainable solutions.

A sustainable solutions portfolio is guided by the principle that information and communications technology should be environmentally friendly and resource-efficient throughout its entire lifecycle - from the initial planning stages to operation, to end-of-life recycling.

Sustainable social responsibility.

Sustainable social responsibility is an integral part of our business paradigm.

The fully formulated Bechtle Sustainability Code and much more information can be found in the Bechtle Sustainability Report.


Sustainability Report 2019

Achieving the goal together.

We can only achieve a sustainable development of our society together. Bechtle has also acknowledged its responsibility and signed the UN Global Compact and the WIN Charter. We have our sustainability performance regularly audited by EcoVadis. In 2019, the Bechtle Group once again received the silver medal.