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Into the future together.

As a strong employer in the future-looking sector of IT, we have much to offer our employees: the freedom to take the initiative guided by clear goals, mutual esteem and unity, in a powerful team with support from experienced specialists. It is very important for us, both from a strategic and an economic perspective, not only to recruit highly qualified people, but also to keep them long term.


It’s important that our employees are able to develop and grow at Bechtle and also feel at home. To promote employee satisfaction, we invest in a pleasant working environment, further education options, early promotions, fair pay, and a wide range of opportunities for personal and professional development.


The example of Melanie Schüle shows what can be achieved at Bechtle.


Employee success story

Success Stories.

"Bechtle is a place where great people accomplish great things." This is what the Bechtle Vision 2030 says. We have accompanied employees on their way at Bechtle.


With around 10,000 employees, Bechtle is a modern employer in the forward-facing industry of IT. At Bechtle, everyone is not just part of a strong and connected team, but also of our unique success story.