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Doing business responsibly.

A future-proof company needs both: an entrepreneurial mindset and a social conscience. Bechtle’s success is due in large part to our commitment to long-term solutions—seeing the “whole picture”, rather than investing in quick fixes.

This is why Bechtle is and always has been a future-oriented company. We are driven by solid, measurable objectives. Our values—integrity, determination, reliability and inspiration—are the cornerstones of our enterprise which we integrate, together with the principles of responsible business, into our strategic and operative business.

Sustainability at Bechtle.

As a company, we want to do our part by contributing to making our society one that is marked by strength, solidarity and vigour, and by actively promoting an environment in which we can continue to grow successfully. The basis of our sustainable commerce is the Bechtle Sustainability Report, which has set our values in writing since 2013 and is still as relevant now as when the first report was published. The topics relevant for Bechtle, which partly come from this report, are reviewed every year.


We see sustainable business as a responsibility that affects everyone, and try to tackle the whole of the issue. In 2013, a sustainability project group was established to handle and coordinate all sustainability activities, and since April 2018 this has been headed by an employee in Corporate Communications. The group consists of employees from all relevant fields and areas of responsibility, which include the departments Quality Management, Human Resources, Personnel Development and Academy, Legal and Compliance, Logistics Management, Environmental Management, Product Management, Corporate Communications and Investor Relations, and answers directly to the Executive Board. The initiator and member of the board responsible for the project group is the CEO, Dr Thomas Olemotz.

Compliance at Bechtle.

Bechtle condemns arrangements—whether with competitors or suppliers—that unlawfully restrict free and open competition or that affect prices or conditions. We avoid and oppose any form of corruption; our employees draw clear lines between a normal business relationship and private interests when dealing with business partners and representatives of public institutions. In accordance with the Bechtle corporate culture, we expect every employee to treat fellow colleagues of all levels and in all company departments in a professional, friendly and fair manner. Discrimination of any kind is not tolerated at Bechtle.


To ensure full compliance with legal requirements and ethical business operations, we have established various guidelines and processes that our employees and even Executive Board members are obliged to adhere to. All relevant and up-to-date standards—Code of Conduct, Corporate Philosophy, Leadership Principles, and Social Media Guidelines—are available at all times on the Bechtle intranet.

Corporate Governance Code.

The German Corporate Governance Code stipulates essential legal provisions on corporate governance and control for German publicly traded companies. In the form of recommendations, it contains international and nationally recognised standards for good and responsible corporate governance and a sustainable value creation chain. At Bechtle, both the Executive and Supervisory Boards fully recognise the principles and recommendations of the German Corporate Governance Code. Our corporate governance complies with the vast majority of the recommendations defined in the Code.


In the few cases, where the Supervisory and Executive Boards believe it makes sense, we have defined deviating provisions in the best interest of good corporate governance. The reasons for these deviations are explained in detail in our Annual Declaration of Conformity pursuant to Section 161 of the German Stock Corporation Code (AktG). This document, along with the Declaration of Corporate Governance pursuant to Section 289a of the German Commercial Code (HGB), is available to the public on our company’s website.

Bechtle Code of Conduct and Compliance Board.

Introduced in 2010, the Bechtle Code of Conduct is an integral component of compliance at Bechtle. The code outlines the principles and rules of conduct in areas applicable to Bechtle and it also represents a commitment to integrity that is binding for all Bechtle employees. Along with the Bechtle Code of Conduct, Bechtle has also set up a Compliance Board consisting of the entire Executive Board of Bechtle AG and a permanent representative of the legal department. The Compliance Board manages and operates a central compliance hotline and dedicated compliance e-mail account for employees. Reported information or violations are reviewed and assessed by the Compliance Board. If necessary, the board initiates suitable measures or provides the decision-makers in the respective organisation with assistance and guidance for handling compliance-relevant situations.


As the central compliance entity, the Compliance Board is also responsible for creating binding requirements in the form of compliance guidelines and instruments and differentiating and updating them (policy-making power). In line with the Group’s internal principle of dispersed implementation responsibility, the managing directors of the Group companies and the heads of the central divisions are responsible as “1st Compliance Officers” on site for compliance with and implementation of the compliance requirements in their respective areas.

VISION 2030.

With our new Vision, Bechtle has set its sights on a revenue mark of 10 bn euros with an EBT margin of 5 per cent, formulating a claim to market leadership and above-market growth. Vision 2030 is the first in the series to carry a title, “Bechtle: Integrate IT. Architect the future.


Bechtle’s remarkable success has spanned more than 35 years. Founded in 1983, it has grown from a microbusiness to an established partner delivering future-facing IT. And 10,000 employees strive to turn your IT projects into a resounding success.


In September 2018, Bechtle joined the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). The world's largest initiative for sustainable and responsible corporate management is supported by the United Nations and comprises more than 13,000 participants. By signing it, Bechtle commits itself to integrating the ten sustainability principles of the UN Global Compact.