Five clouds for the future.

Bechtle and INSYS MICROELECTRONICS share a passion for digitalisation, an enthusiasm for IT and the drive to support their customer’s into the future. And yet, at the start of the relationship, it was unclear how it would develop. Three years later, it’s a different story—a holistic multi-cloud project that is paving the way to the future for INSYS.


When Bechtle and INSYS first met at the beginning of 2016, a concrete joint project had yet to be discussed. However, to stay competitive, INSYS wanted to start on the road to digitalisation—one step at a time. The aim was to work with Bechtle to drive infrastructure digitalisation in order to set up profitable business models and clear processes. The company has been a reliable partner to its customers on the path to the Internet of Things and helps them make Industry 4.0 a reality with holistic solutions.


Bechtle saw the potential in INSYS and wanted to offer the company its full support. The idea? IT as a Service. In a follow-up meeting, the idea was met with great enthusiasm by the INSYS IT administrator. A management meeting was organised and Bechtle laid its cards on the table. The promise: “We will support you on the road to the cloud, rebuild your infrastructure and manage your entire IT.” All from a single source. A full-service package.


OneBechtle – Successful together.

From this promise was born a project that would allow Bechtle to demonstrate its strengths. A project based on connected dispersion. Bechtle Regensburg managed the mammoth project for the company founded in 1922 with support from other Bechtle units including Bechtle Hosting & Operations, Bechtle Clouds, the Networking Solutions Competence Centre in Rottenburg, and the Virtualisation and Cloud Transformation Lead Competence Centre in Munich. Each one strove to achieve today what Bechtle had set out in its Vision 2030—to understand the customer and deliver future-oriented IT to drive their success.

As a driver of digitalisation in the area of industrial data communication, we have the ambition and aspiration to utilise the benefits of digitalisation in our everyday business.

Bernd Schöppl, INSYS.

As a company that is dedicated to secure communication and networked data in professional applications, this approach flourished at INSYS. “As a driver of digitalisation in the area of industrial data communication, we have the ambition and aspiration to utilise the benefits of digitalisation in our everyday business”, says Bernd Schöppl, Commercial Manager and authorised representative at INSYS. “Being one of the first rollout partners in such a multi-cloud project meant we played an important role and certainly appealed to our pioneering spirit”, he continues. This kind of project had never before been implemented in Regensburg. “The collaboration between the Bechtle units and experts during this project was exemplary and demonstrated what we can achieve when we consolidate our strengths,” stresses Philipp Dumhard, Account Manager, Bechtle Regensburg.

Access: anytime, anywhere.

In order to be able to perfectly implement such an ambitious a project, a strict structure was required. To this end, the parties defined three main phases:

  • Modernisation of the existing infrastructure
  • Creation of added value (for example secure access from anywhere, at any time)
  • Long-term realisation of a platform approach

“We discreetly organise and manage five clouds for the customer, offering them a complete infrastructure through our IT-as-a-Service approach from hosting, Windows 10 and Office 365 to WLAN, LAN Workspace-as-a-Service and a holistic end user service”, says Philipp Dumhard. Bernd Schöppl is very clear on the benefits, but does not want to underplay the challenges faced: “A project as large as this will always be peppered with stumbling blocks, but we felt in safe hands with Bechtle by our side. We never doubted for a moment that this project would be a success.”


Together for the digital future.

It was clear to both parties from the very beginning the future lay in a multi-cloud environment despite the risks and adverse effects, and due to the undisputed added value of a networked world. Philipp Dumhard is certain that this project has created something extraordinary. “We understood our customer’s wishes from the beginning, correctly estimated their readiness for change and together, took an important step towards the future.” INSYS is already benefitting from the changes.


“Building sites, airports, power plants—whatever it is, our Smart IoT Gateways connect machines and systems with ERP or control systems and ensure secure data communication, efficient operations and flexible access to all necessary information. They are the perfect interface between IT and operational technology and a game changer in ensuring the competitiveness of our customers. With Bechtle’s solution, we can employ this process in our everyday working lives. Our digital world is secure, uncomplicated and efficient,” explains Bernd Schöppl. But this is not the end of the story. “Bechtle is our perfect partner for the implementation of future digitalisation projects in the European market.”


In 2018, HoloLens made its début in an operating theatre using a new procedure developed by apoQlar. The underlying Virtual Surgery Intelligence software runs on Microsoft’s HoloLens – delivered by Bechtle.


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