The Modern Workplace at Handelsblatt Media Group.

With its flagship publications, Handelsblatt and Wirtschaftswoche, Germany’s leading publishing house for business news reaches over two million readers every day. When the Handelsblatt Media Group sought to empower its employees with the workplace of the future, it reached out to Bechtle.

In addition to its traditional business with print publications, the media group is also a strong player in the digital news landscape, investing heavily in its expanding business branch. The ongoing transition became very visible through the recent change in name from Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt to Handelsblatt Media Group, as well as the relocation to its new headquarters in Düsseldorf. In order to prime the new work environment of its 1,000 employees for the future, the Handelsblatt Media Group relies 100% on Bechtle.


Innovative IT workplace concept.

The media group’s digital transformation is in full swing—a fact that is noticeable not least through a number of all new products, formats and services. In order to optimally channel the process, the organisation wanted to replace the majority of its existing client infrastructure and develop an innovative IT workplace concept. The aim was to create a homogeneous, secure and, above all, easy-to-manage IT workplace environment that can be expanded as and when required, as well as to migrate and integrate into the new IT infrastructure the existing online services such as Office 365, SharePoint and Skype for Business deployed at its recent acquisition, Euroform. In a nutshell, a modern and secure Workplace as a Service.


Following in-depth consultation covering the full breadth of current workplace technologies, the Handelsblatt Media Group decided to equip all of its employees with Microsoft Surface Books loaded with the Secure Productive Enterprise suite, including Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security and Windows 10 Enterprise, giving them all the applications and security they need to master their day-to-day tasks. Rounding off the package is Bechtle’s tailored full-service concept.


Costs down, security up.

Part and parcel of the hardware and software bundle is a bespoke and fully-fledged Workplace as a Service, tailored to the group’s exact requirements. Combining a modern, cloud-based working experience with powerful hybrid notebook/tablet devices, Bechtle has created a solution that blends in perfectly with Handelsblatt Media Group’s digital workplace strategy. Yorn Ziesche, Handelsblatt’s Head of IT Coordination/Infrastructure, is excited to have Bechtle as a partner: “Bechtle’s Workplace as a Service concept enables all colleagues to work with the same, up-to-date hardware and software resources at all times.” And this is just the beginning of the Handelsblatt Media Group’s and Bechtle’s journey into the future of working.


In 2018, HoloLens made its début in an operating theatre using a new procedure developed by apoQlar. The underlying Virtual Surgery Intelligence software runs on Microsoft’s HoloLens – delivered by Bechtle.


PTScientists are building a lunar lander to visit Apollo 17’s landing site in  2019. The Berlin-based company is pursuing a bold plan, drawing support from, among others, the Bechtle CAD specialists at SolidLine.


Bechtle and INSYS share a passion for digitization and an enthusiasm for IT. Together they went one step further and implemented a holistic multi-cloud project.