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Trollinger Marathon 2019.

Once again, Team Bechtle will be taking part in the Heilbronn Trollinger Marathon on 5 May 2019.

And because we spell Team with a capital T, it’s about time you can run a race as one, too.


In addition to individual marathon and half marathon runners and Nordic walkers, you can now also start as a relay of four!

The marathon-length relay race consists of four legs of 10 km, 12.8 km, 9.9 km and 9.5 km. Mixed teams are welcome (3 women/1 man, 2 women/2 men, 1 woman/3 men).


Please register with us by 12 April 2019. We will then submit all entrants to the event organiser in one go.


Running group:

The BeFit running group meets up every Thursday at 5.30 pm at the entrance to the BP1 Piazza.

Duration: approx. 1 hour, 7–10 km run around the vineyards.

More information is available at https://start.bechtle.intra/socialc/Pages/SocialClub_Lauftreff.aspx


From 28 February, there will be a 10-week intensive prep training for the Trollinger Marathon.

Meeting point: Entrance to the Pichterich Stadium Neckarsulm

Time: 5.30 pm, approx. 1.5 hours with a professional trainer

The training includes: warm up; track training; interval training; running 101; progression runs; coordination; body stability; tips and tricks for diets, tactics, running techniques, etc.

The 10-week training is suitable for everyone from beginners to adept runners.

Sign up for the training today:


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Arrival 2019-05-04, Departure 2019-05-05

Arrival 2019-05-04, Departure 2019-05-05

4er Staffel / Marathon

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Arrival 2019-05-04, Departure 2019-05-05

Arrival 2019-05-04, Departure 2019-05-05

Walking/Nordic Walking

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