The Bechtle Weekly Report No. 2021/43.

22/10/2021 - 29/10/2021



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Closing price 22/10euros61.64 
Closing price 29/10euros64.80 
% changeper cent+5.13 
High/low (Xetra)euros65.64 (26+27/10)64.44 (26/10)
Average daily trading volume for the week*
* XETRA, FFM, Tradegate


Index Development   
MDAXper cent+0.1 
TecDaxper cent+0.7 
Technology All Shareper cent+0.4 
DAXsubsector IT-Servicesper cent


DAXplus Family 30per cent


Prime All Shareper cent+0.8 
CDAXper cent +0.6 
Performance Overview 1 month1 year
Bechtle AG shareper cent+8.9+34.7
MDAXper cent+1.0+35.1
TecDAXper cent+2.5+34.8
52-week high euro67.16 (21/9/21) 
52-week low euros48.10 (28/10/20)