AZUBIT Mar 26, 2021

Half time – how is it?

It’s amazing how quickly time passes. I’m already half way through my traineeship and there’s only one more year until the exams.

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Justine Capodanno
Vocational training: Office Management Assistant

They say time flies when you are having fun and that’s certainly true of my Bechtle training. I might have1 ½ years to go, but it feels like only yesterday that I started.

It’s down to the variety of tasks in numerous departments. I’ve learned so many interesting and different things that it’s no wonder it feels like time has passed really quickly.

I sat my first exam at the start of my second year in November 2020 although it was all done using Microsoft Word and Excel. The final exams will take place in the spring of the third year and the second year exams are only taken by those completing a course to become an office manager. All other courses sit mid-term exams set by the Chamber of Commerce.

While I’ve worked in lots of departments, I’ve spent most of time with HR and am currently in my third placement there, working in recruiting. The reason for this is that I selected HR and commercial management as majors at the start of my course. There’s never a dull moment at the HR department at Bechtle headquarters and there’s always something new to learn. I’m currently helping out with active sourcing from an end-of-service perspective. I’m amazed at how much faith is shown in me to carry out such work. Working in active sourcing, I’m in direct contact with candidates making me their first port of call. (For those who don’t know what active sourcing is, it means direct contact. That means we contact potential candidates to try and get them to join Bechtle.) It’s never boring here as the work is extremely varied and there’s always something new to learn.

 I can’t emphasise enough how trainees at Bechtle aren’t there to make the coffee. They help shape the company and drive its success. #zukunftsstark