Clouds Aug 14, 2020

Briefing e-mail from your personal AI assistant.

Presidents would never waste the first, most valuable minutes of their day writing up a to-do list. That’s why they have assistants. And now you do, too. Office 365 AI sends you a briefing every morning with that morning’s most important jobs—completely automatically—saving you time and energy and giving you a competitive edge before the morning’s out.

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Thino Ullmann
Expert Sales

Plan like a boss.

The morning briefing is the most important appointment in a decision maker’s day. Their staff compile a list of the jobs to be done. Maybe an important partner is waiting for a call-back, or perhaps there’s a contract waiting to be signed.

While it’s the leader who decides what happens when, having all the tasks collated saves valuable planning time, especially as they can be hidden away in a series of e-mails. It’s especially beneficial for those who never write to-do lists.

A productivity tool par excellence—for everyone.

This morning roundup is now available for anyone who doesn’t have a team to take on this work. The personal assistant to help you is called Cortana. The Microsoft AI in Office 365 as part of Cortana Enterprise Services comes with the new Briefing E-mail feature. You’ll receive a customised e-mail briefing every morning.

Your daily briefing will appear right at the top of your e-mail inbox. AI Cortana, a component of Office 365 or the Microsoft 365 environment, automatically creates the content by analysing your e-mails, calendar entries and other messages and finding information about upcoming meeting requests you may not have responded to yet, etc.

How does the briefing e-mail look?

You receive an personalised overview of all of the day’s upcoming tasks just as you would with a traditional to-do list. The tool categorises tasks into three groups:

  • Reminders: Didn’t you write an e-mail yesterday that you wanted to call Ms. Maier? Cortana will remind you if you forget.
  • Documents: Maybe a colleague asked you to update a contract, but you haven’t got round to opening the file yet. Cortana will give you a nudge.
  • Meetings: Cortana knows your schedule. Have a conference coming up you still need to prepare a few things for? The morning briefing will let you know.

Help Cortana perfect your briefing e-mail.

Label every point on your to-do list, for example, clicking on “Done” signals to Cortana that you’ve completed the task and it disappears from the list. If you select “Not related”, the digital assistant knows that that particular task does not belong on that day’s schedule. Cortana learns from every decision you make.

Work more productively with focus periods.

During focus periods, you won’t receive any Microsoft Teams notifications. Cortana suggests suitable time periods that you can plan during the morning briefing and AI takes care of the rest.

How to receive your daily morning briefing.

At the moment, the Briefing E-mail is only available for Microsoft 365 Enterprise users with English language Exchange Online mailboxes. A release date for other languages is not yet known. Want to use the feature, but aren’t sure if you can? Get in touch with your IT department.

Information for admins.

Configure the Briefing app for your organisation on user or tenant level. All important information can be found in the Microsoft Morning Briefing document.

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My briefing e-mail summary.

Thanks to Cortana’s AI, personal assistants are no longer only for the boardroom. Create your own team to handle the little jobs and give yourself more time for the more important things—both in the office and at home. All these points make me am a big fan of the briefing e-mail. I save valuable time, which not only makes me more productive, but also gives my company a competitive edge as it has employees who make better use of their time.

I’m excited to share my feedback with you all! Feel free to get in touch.