Clouds Jul 23, 2020

More secure and scalable access to multiple cloud service providers for tailored solutions.

Cloud computing has started to make inroads into most companies and multi and hybrid clouds are becoming increasingly important. Working with Equinix, the world’s largest colocation and cloud exchange provider, we can work with our customers to develop tailored solutions.

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Jürgen Bilowsky
Sales Manager – Digital Transformation

Cloud computing, whether private, hybrid or public, is gaining a greater foothold in Germany. Even when not all applications, data and systems are directly migrated into the cloud, in some cases, a considerable amount of data are transferred, which needs to be accessible from anywhere in the world. A hybrid solution that combines using a public cloud with an in-house data centre means you have the best of both worlds. Confidential customer data stay on-premise while web services can be migrated. In order to configure the best hybrid solution, these two worlds have to be brought as close together as possible.

Bechtle and its partner, Equinix, offer the optimum solution for this scenario, which enables customers to adapt their own IT infrastructure’s network technology to be closer to the cloud. They migrate it to one of the over 240 highly-secure and globally distributed Equinix data centres and rent a cabinet or a cage. The connection between the customer’s location and Equinix is provided by a contractor of the customer’s choice. Alongside providing space purely for colocation, Equinix also offers additional services such as network and cloud solutions. The customer can create a direct connection to the various cloud providers through the Equinix Performance Hub and Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric ensuring performance is boosted and it becomes easier to share data between the individual cloud services and the global providers.

Equinix Performance Hub and Cloud Exchange Fabric


The amount of data companies are having to deal with will continue to increase and only those that have developed an effective concept and generate business-relevant information from all existing data sources will survive on the market in the long-term, and it doesn’t matter if this happens in the public cloud, in the in-house data centre or as a hybrid solution.


The partnership between Bechtle and Equinix enables us to offer customised cloud scenarios for our customers and roll them out worldwide. No matter if its colocation, IoT solutions, multi-cloud connections or creating a global IT concept for customers who have a presence in numerous countries and would like to be able to access their data from anywhere, Bechtle and Equinix have the ideal solutions for their customers. If you’d like to learn more, simply get in touch!