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“We must practice getting used to change.” Bechtle Microsoft World 2019 takes visitors on a journey to the future.

When Germany’s largest IT service provider teams up with the world’s best known software publisher to host an event exploring modern solutions to the challenges of digitalisation, visitors expect outstanding speakers, first-rate presentations and a number of interesting new features and solutions for the modern workplace. More than 600 people attended Bechtle Microsoft World 2019, which was held in late November at the Messe Offenburg-Ortenau conference centre in Germany.

Offenburg, a small city on the Upper Rhine close to the French-German border, in 2019 hosted Bechtle Microsoft World for the second year in a row. Bechtle’s systems integrators in Freiburg, Karlsruhe and Offenburg invited guests to this special event, which included numerous presentations and breakout sessions to explore the opportunities of digital transformation.

We must practice getting used to change. We must acknowledge that it’s different and uncomfortable—but that it will get better.

Ömer Atiker, Keynote Speaker and Digital Transformation Consultant

How can the right tools be used to the advantage of both employees and employers? How do you integrate cloud solutions securely into an existing IT landscape? Can server services be safeguarded as effectively in the cloud as in on-premise solutions? More than 40 speakers supplied concrete answers to these questions, providing visitors with an overview of what modern IT solutions are capable of. The long-standing, close partnership between Bechtle and Microsoft was readily apparent in all keynote addresses. These two powerhouses are able to provide real answers, whether the goal is to upgrade to a modern workplace with Windows 10 or ensure compliance with data protection requirements—a topical issue even today.


Technically sophisticated breakout sessions applied realistic scenarios allowing visitors to get up close and personal with topics such as security in the modern workplace, upgrading existing applications and the secure deployment of Azure. In addition to shining a light on terms such as 5G and Wi-Fi 6, sessions also tapped into real customer examples to provide some perspective on what the world of work really looks like, in contrast to the hype. Furthermore, visitors showed a keen interest in the many presentations given by additional vendor partners on two open stages in the exhibition area. Partners such as Dell, Cisco, HPE, Logitech and Jabra—to name just a few—briefly presented their solutions, inviting anyone interested to discuss them in more detail immediately afterwards at the vendor’s stand.


An all-round success.

An entire day devoted to nothing but digitalisation can be a boring affair. But engaging presentations, fascinating sessions and successful side events will turn it into a highly informative, well-balanced event. And that’s exactly what Bechtle Microsoft World 2019 was. Ömer Atiker and moderator Carmen Hentschel led the way with their expertise and a dash of humour, taking the time also to address a few digitalisation clichés.


From Alexa, who seems like a modern genie in a lamp ready to make our every wish come true provided our credit card cooperates, to Uber and robots who make our lives easier, digitalisation expert Ömer Atiker covered it all. “By definition, disruption occurs when we have a new technology that we don’t take seriously, that serves a small market and develops from there until it becomes mainstream,” Ömer Atiker explained in his final keynote. Keeping the tone light, he gave the example of e-mobility and then left his audience with one last thought to consider: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

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Published on Dec 5, 2019.