IT Security Sep 16, 2020

Cisco Breach Defense – Can your security architecture keep up?

The fast, automated and intuitive detection and resolution of security breaches is a top priority. Cisco Breach Defense doesn’t only take steps to reduce cyberattacks, but the technology also helps to react more quickly and effectively to successful attacks.

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Dirk Eberwein
Presales Security Consultant

Every day, cyber criminals leak credentials from thousands of online accounts to the dark web and every day, thousands of vulnerabilities are discovered in applications and thousands of new malware are detected.

On top of this is the fact that cyber criminals only need an average of a few hours to extract all data they need from a business.

Being able to quickly detect and resolve security vulnerabilities is therefore a crucial factor when it comes to reducing the threat posed by cyber criminals to businesses.

You might be asking yourselves how your security architecture should be configured to tackle current threats.

Cisco’s Breach Defense approach gives you exactly the answers and solutions you’ve been looking for.

During my presentation at Bechtle Competence Day, I’ll show you how easy it is for cyber criminals to access your information and the three steps you should take to set up a modern security approach.

  • Visibility – You can’t fight what you can’t see
  • Data protection – Identify threats early on
  • Time to detect – Quickly detect attacks and boot them out of the network

Find out more on this topic in my presentation on 01/10/2020.