IT Security - Aug 3, 2021

Cybersecurity expertise for managing directors. Part 3: Liabilities and obligations.

The damage caused by cyberattacks is growing worldwide, but the risk of falling victim to cybercrime has specifically increased in Germany. According to the Munich Re Global Cyber Risk and Insurance Survey, the average cost of ransomware attacks is around 280,000 USD per case—and that figure does not even include potential ransom payments. When damage is caused, someone has to take responsibility, especially in a worst case scenario.

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Managing Director


In the eyes of the law, overall responsibility lies firmly at the feet of executive management, who have to make sure their businesses’ IT security is at the cutting edge. But what does “cutting edge” mean and what are the the most important steps to take? Join us for the next part of our cybersecurity series to find out (German language only).

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Published on Aug 3, 2021.