IT Security - Nov 8, 2019

Password Manager - Decisive for your security.

Passwords are key. Literally. We use them to access our PCs, ERP systems, servers, websites, etc. For now, the reality of authentication means we have to juggle a plethora of login credentials. While common sense demands a different, cryptic key for each lock, users typically resort to the same old Open Sesame. After all, we have to remember it, too. The passphrase seldom changes, or it may never change at all. This plays into the hands of cybercriminals who often need but a single password to roam freely through many different systems or even entire infrastructures. The solution to the password conundrum is a password manager.

Simply put, a password manager takes the hassle out of remembering them all, while making them more secure.


A single password gives users access to all their credentials. And there’s no more Bob84s and other easily-guessed passwords compromising security. A password manager enables users to create complex passwords composed of numbers, letters and special characters. 7y{H=g/13§ is not an easy target for those who are up to no good.


A password manager also spells the end for common Excel password lists saved on user PCs. Instead, they are stored centrally in a secure place within the company network, e.g. a protected database. Plus, IT admins don’t have to worry about password strength and complexity, because password managers come with a password generator built in. Meanwhile, users can lean back and watch their passwords auto-typed in the box. Some enterprise-grade tools even feature automated password changing after each login.


What’s more, a password manager puts admins in complete control of who can access what, with Active Directory integration enabling user and group-based policies.


Benefits at a glance:

  • Increased user productivity
  • Improved security with passwords protected against loss and theft
  • Granular access control for systems and passwords
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Supports multi-tenancy

How can you introduce password management?

Together with our partners, Bechtle can work with you to analyse the current situation in your organisation and work out a target concept, which will eventually provide concrete recommendations on how to proceed. Naturally, we are also happy to help you implement these measures in your company.


Pleasant Password Server highlights at a glance:

  • All passwords stored on a central server rather than end devices
  • Complete control over credentials
  • Flexible access options
  • Supports roles and multi-tenancy
  • Works across operating systems; a free app integrates even Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices
  • Encrypted server connections
  • Stored passwords are encrypted

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This post was published on Nov 8, 2019.