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UEM specialist wows with its passwordless authentication solution at MobileIron LIVE!

At this year’s MobileIron LIVE!, a customer event held in May in Brooklyn and Berlin, UEM specialist MobileIron presented its secure, passwordless authentication solution. And once again, the main focus was on the ever-present smartphone.

Motorwerk Berlin is a truly awe-inspiring venue. In the 1930s, it was used to build electric motors for the legendary Zeppelin. Today, the trendy industrial building is a popular site for events of all types, from rock concerts to high-tech conferences like the 2019 MobileIron LIVE! event held in mid-May.


Standing out from the competition with zero sign-on authentication.


MobileIron hasn’t just updated its logo, it’s also making waves with its new technology. Simon Biddiscombe, President and CEO of MobileIron, presented zero sign-on, the industry’s first passwordless authentication solution. This technology is based on the company’s renowned business security solutions focusing on unified endpoint management (UEM) and mobile security—think MobileIron Access and Mobile Threat Detection (MTD).


The solution relies on nothing more than a smartphone for authentication. In fact, that smartphone is not just the basis for authentication, it’s the actual means of authentication. “Everyone has a smartphone nowadays, so it only makes sense to move passwordless authentication to mobile devices entirely,” says Mr Biddiscombe, adding, “With zero sign-on, MobileIron is turning its mobile-centric zero-trust security framework into an innovative product. This gives companies full control over all the business data transmitted by devices, apps, networks and cloud services.”


Your smartphone as your ID.

MobileIron zero sign-on authentication performs an ID check—indispensable, of course—but also looks at contextual factors such as:

  • Is the device up-to-date on the latest patch programs?
  • Has the device been manipulated through jailbreaking or rooting?
  • Is the device equipped with advanced technology to safeguard it against cyber attacks, for instance using programs that detect behavioural anomalies in real time using artificial intelligence (AI)?
  • In what region is the device requesting access located?
  • Is the device managed and protected by a unified endpoint management system?
  • Were the apps on the device downloaded from the pre-defined enterprise app store and have they been checked by an app risk management system?

This context-based solution enables a level of authentication security that has become necessary in today’s ubiquitous, mobile IT world. At the same time, however, MobileIron zero sign-on is extremely user-friendly. And the solution doesn’t provide secure, passwordless access to business data on just UEM-managed devices. Soon even unmanaged devices will be able to access such data securely, without requiring the user to enter login credentials. In this case, the smartphone and its user will be identified using a QR code (mobile ID). The requested data can then be accessed within a secure sandbox on the unmanaged device.


Almost 950 people in attendance in Brooklyn and Berlin.

Although zero sign-on was the undisputed star at MobileIron LIVE! 2019, there were a number of presentations in which customers explained how they use MobileIron solutions. MobileIron also conducted many sessions and workshops to demonstrate:

  • The efficiency and user-friendliness of UEM, Access (cloud security) and Threat Defense
  • How companies can continuously expand their mobile strategy
  • How zero trust and security go hand in hand in the real world

“We had a record-breaking 950 attendees come to the event in Berlin and Brooklyn,” says Peter Machat, Vice President Central EMEA at MobileIron, who was thrilled with the event’s success. Bechtle was also well represented in Berlin, with employees from our offices in Neckarsulm, Bonn and Freiburg attending to draw inspiration and gain ideas to support shared customers. 

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Published on Jun 12, 2019.