Modern Workplace Oct 30, 2019

Entering a new era with Cisco collaboration.

Cambridge Dictionary defines collaboration as “the situation of two or more people working together to create or achieve the same thing”. This is exactly what Cisco aims to achieve with its software and hardware solutions. In addition to improving business processes, speeding up the decision-making process and boosting productivity, it wants to simplify communication, encourage innovation and empower people to work together anywhere, on any device. But what does this look like in real life? Read on to learn about Timo Potocnik’s experience with Sevenval.

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Sevenval is a digital agency that, since 1999, has been working rigorously to help clients develop their digital business—accelerating speeds, ensuring first-rate service and optimising usability. These front-end experts focus on the business models, needs and goals of their clients, working out of offices in Berlin and Cologne. To better connect its two sites and lower travel costs, Sevenval wanted to start building its collaboration environment with a video conferencing system. After discussing options with us in detail, the company opted for a Cisco solution.


Keeping employees in the loop.

Phone systems and video conferencing equipment were installed and set up at both Sevenval locations. To optimally prepare the digital agency’s 170 or so employees, we provided basic training for all staff and supplied extensive documentation on the in-house wiki.


Technology will open the door to the modern workplace, but you have to know how to leverage its features correctly, expediently and efficiently to get the most out of it. That’s why we make it a point during every project to accompany our customers and their staff as they journey towards the future of work. It’s especially rewarding to serve companies like Sevenval as they’re generally very willing to engage with topics like collaboration and the modern workplace.


And one thing is certain: embracing tomorrow’s workplace requires a shift within the company. Insisting on buying the latest technology while refusing to change processes and ways of thinking will ultimately derail a transformation.


A new form of collaboration.

The Sevenval project was a resounding success. In addition to significantly reducing travel costs, the company can now conduct high-quality video conferences, thereby achieving its specific primary goals. But the benefits don’t stop there. The two sites have begun collaborating more closely and, for the first time ever, project teams now include members from both offices. Sevenval is experiencing collaboration in a way that was simply impractical before.



The sales and HR departments are also using the system more frequently, thanks to access through Jabber Guest. Discussions are held and decisions made without requiring in-person meetings. The flow of information between sites has improved and the system—consisting of two Cisco TelePresence MX700, two TelePresence SX10 and one SX20 Quick Set—is used on a daily basis.


And there’s more.

In addition to providing Sevenval with ongoing support, we’re currently also testing the possibility of coupling its new video conferencing solution with Cisco WebEx, an online conferencing platform to help external parties participate in meetings quickly and easily.


We’re delighted to guide Sevenval on its Cisco unified communications journey. The goal of this project is to find the right mix of Cisco products and services to match the customer’s requirements. We do this by looking at IP telephony for phone calls, web and video conferencing, as well as answering machines, mobility, desktop sharing, instant messaging and presence features. The possibilities for blending seamless user-friendliness and efficient collaboration are virtually endless. And, with our help, Sevenval is well on its way to the future of work.

Timo Potocnik
Account Manager Bechtle direct