Career - Aug 10, 2021

5 questions for David Dorn, Junior Systems Engineer in Networking.

David Dorn recently finished his vocational training at the Bechtle IT system house Lake Constance. What fascinates him most about Bechtle is the wide range of technologies and services. He reveals further highlights of his vocational training in our interview ...

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  1. 1. David, tell us a little bit about yourself and your role at Bechtle.

    My name is David Dorn and I only recently finished my vocational training at the Bechtle IT system house Lake Constance. I now work as a Junior Systems Engineer in Networking, which includes designing and planning network infrastructures for our customers and helping out in our customer care centre in Constance with troubleshooting, where I deal with different topics such as WLAN, switches and firewalls.

    2. Why did you decide to do vocational training at Bechtle?

    Originally I applied for jobs in sales, but a friend of mine made me aware of the IT industry. I ultimately decided on Bechtle due to the sheer size of the company. Being Germany’s largest IT system house, Bechtle offers a broad spectrum of technologies and services that you get to know in vocational training. I was involved in larger projects from the get-go and got to implement customer solutions, which is often not the case in smaller companies.

  2. 3. Do you think your training has influenced your own personal development, and if so, how?

    Well, for one, my technical understanding has grown a lot. I’m now able to recognise correlations when there is a network error at one of the big providers, for example. I’ve also built up a lot more confidence over the past three years. Right from the start, my colleagues gave me tasks I’d never dreamt of doing myself. It taught me how to work independently and responsibly and to trust in my own abilities.

  3. 4. Looking back, what were the ups and downs of your vocational training? What were your personal highlights at Bechtle?

  4. I was given a lot of freedom to decide which areas I want to take a look at. Being able to test out some waters in different areas helped me to find out what interested me the most, which for me was networking. My highlights were the Mikado and the Azubi Camp. Both events were very informative and helped me to fit right in at Bechtle. My personal favourite, however, was the HP Aruba vocational training programme in our logistics department, for which we were all provided with our own hardware to practice on.

    5. What made your training at Bechtle so special?

    At Bechtle, trainees are given the trust it requires to take on big tasks. You’re a part of the team from the very beginning and involved in larger customer projects, which meant that I got to help develop customer solutions and play my part in helping us succeed. My colleagues also gave me some massive support throughout my training and introduced me to the different fields, even across different locations.

  5. Thanks for the interview, David!

Published on Aug 10, 2021.