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International HR Get Together 2019 – Putting our employees in the limelight.

The third International HR Get Together took place at the end of October at Bechtle Platz 1, where 36 colleagues from eight countries came together to discuss a variety of HR subjects, because as we all know, our employees are our most important asset.

Two jam-packed days.

German HR managers had already been invited to Neckarsulm in September to discuss crucial topics and encourage networking. However, as the Bechtle Group continues to grow internationally, it has become increasingly important to extend the discussion beyond national borders. That’s why there has been an international version of the HR Get Together since 2017.


Day 1 saw an agenda packed with absorbing workshops. My colleague Hüseyin and I created a recruiting workshop in which international colleagues could share current trends and ideas on how to engage with potential employees in the future. The focus of the People Development workshop was on collaboration across the different generations within a company. The whole point of our International HR Get Together, of course, is dialogue. So it only made sense that the third workshop saw an intense discussion on how we can advance cross-border communication within the HR organisation using digital platforms.


After a successful first day, the evening was spent networking in a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of room for participants to engage on a large variety of topics.


A glimpse of the future.

Day 2 kicked off with some presentations on health management at Bechtle Platz 1 and within the various international Bechtle companies. Interesting talking points also came from presentations on HR administration, sustainability (delivered by Corporate Communications), and an outlook on how we will leverage IT to optimise and streamline HR management in future. The highlight was Prof. Thorsten Petry, lecturer at the RheinMain University and his keynote on the meaning of digitalisation for HR and leadership— a really inspiring insight.


Once again, it was abundantly clear that personal contact is essential when collaborating with colleagues who aren’t necessarily close by. Over the two days, we developed many ideas, shared our knowledge and embarked on a common way forward. We are already looking forward to the International HR Get Together 2020.

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Published on Nov 6, 2019.