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Zukunftsstark? Of course! Leadership responsibility? Bring it on! But how?

The Junior Management Programme is Bechtle’s answer. JuMP is not an IT abbreviation, and not an Industry 4.0 buzzword, but an answer to the questions of what Bechtle expects of future-proof leadership and what they can expect from Bechtle.

Fundamentally, there are many way to arrive at a leadership position. JuMP is a great opportunity for those definitely interested in leading people and taking on responsibility in the future. Of course, JuMP is also relevant for many colleagues who have recently taken on leadership positions.


For me, the selection process began when I was recommended by my division manager. My JuMP opportunity came in 2015, as I finished my dual study programme at Bechtle and spent two and a half years in Product Management as a content manager for peripherals.


An exciting time.

I was asked to prepare a short presentation to introduce myself to the People Development department and one of the systems integrators MDs. A great moment, in which I realised that I was very enthusiastic about the topic and wanted to learn about new ones. I was, of course, thrilled, to learn later that I had been accepted.


That was the start of a very exciting time. Over the following nine months of JuMP, I met colleagues from Bechtle Companies and Bechtle Group Companies. This lets you make interesting contacts while enjoying an interesting, high-quality training course. 16 in-person seminars are spread out at regular intervals, giving you the chance to develop in different skill areas.


Highlights and help.

My highlights so far have been the Q&A with Bechtle’s CEO, Dr. Thomas Olemotz, as well as the seminars “Self-management and self-guidance”, “Successful communication with employees” and “Speech presentation”. The cooking event at the start was another great opportunity to get to know my JuMP group better.


Even now, as it draws to a close at the end of March, JuMP was a huge benefit to me. I was supported and encouraged on many levels. And a special extra: you are guided through the time by a mentor who is by your side with advice and help if you come up against challenges or have to decide in which direction you want to develop in.

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Published on Mar 4, 2019.