Career Jul 10, 2019

40 new faces—Beginning a new trainee year.

The new Bechtle trainee year is about to start, with four times as many trainees as twelve months ago. New talent from systems integrators from all over Germany takes part in the programme to become part of Bechtle. Find out what sort of a start they got off to in this blog.

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Shortly, 40 Bechtle trainees will embark on Mikado, the Bechtle induction programme, for the year 2019. To help us get to know each other, Larissa Förster, who works in Bechtle’s People Development, organised a speed dating event. Networking among employees is a central point of Bechtle’s spirit. Because we’re stronger together.


Time to get started.

The participants in the trainee programme come from all over Germany. From Munich to Hamburg and Düsseldorf to Chemnitz, many systems integrators take part in the programme. We meet in Neckarsulm at Bechtle Platz 1 at regular intervals for a range of modules, where we get insight into Bechtle’s departments and sectors. Before the course even starts, the evening programme is organised via a WhatsApp group, since we all stay in the same hotel, we mostly spent the time before and after the events together.


Team-building and climbing.

At the start of the first day, we were split into smaller groups, one going off with the trainer for team-building, and the other being let loose on the climbing course in the woods after a brief induction. We switched over at lunch time, so that everyone could have a turn on the free-fall tower and the various zip wires.


Team-building allowed us to overcome all of our various obstacles to master the tasks, meaning we had to rely on trust and communication. We discussed every exercise afterwards as a group, to analyse how we could best use these experiences in our professional lives. The final team effort was mastering the ten-metre-high blind obstacle course guided only by our new colleagues. The team-building was rounded off by a barbecue at the climbing site. Professional topics and shared hobbies were soon floating around in a nice mix.


Focus: Logistics and Service.

Each module has a topic that’s covered in up to three days. Logistics and Service was the first module. Theory, practice, and breaks for discussion make up the balance. A total of eight different departments were introduced to us, giving us insight into Purchasing, Logistics, Price Management, and Bechtle Export among others.


A highlight of the headquarters in Neckarsulm was the large piazza that lends itself to relaxed breaks and tasty lunches in the canteen. In general, great value is placed on communication and frank exchanges in a pleasant atmosphere. Networking of trainees and branches is very important in order to be able to find the right contact quickly for future projects.


On the last day, we were split into groups of five or six trainees to focus on specific topics related to the Bechtle Logistik and Service company. In cooperation with each department, these topics were then fleshed out, for example, we discussed the pick-by-vision solution optimisation and revisited the large warehouse. After lunch, we than presented our findings to the other trainees. That’s another important exercise—how to present also has to be learned as well as the content you present. And the future holds more information. In July, we will take an intensive look at the module of Managed Services, for example. And we’ll visit the e-Shelter data centre in Frankfurt.

Sebastian Albert
Trainee System Engineer (Schwerpunkt O365)