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Talent promotion at Bechtle: from an internship to permanent employment.

Bechtle is a place where great people accomplish great things. That’s what the Vision 2030 says and I couldn’t agree more. Since I joined the company more than two years ago, many doors have been opened to me and I’ve been able to take advantage of many great opportunities.

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Human Resources Specialist


At the start of 2018, I began my journey at Bechtle AG. I was studying International Business Administration and Intercultural Studies, focussing on HR Management at the Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences. The 7 semester strong study path includes an intern seminar that I wanted to spend in HR. I’d often heard about Bechtle and this made me curious once again. What I discovered was the impressive success story of the largest IT Systems House in Germany—and luckily also a perfect internship in their HR department.

Being an intern and working student.

From March until the end of August 2018, I completed my internship semester in HR. From the first day on I was warmly welcomes into the large but still familial central HR team. I was given comprehensive onboarding and quickly handed responsibility for tasks, making me feel like a permanent part of the team and my colleagues treated me as one of them. I learned an incredible amount from working with them and my questions were always met with an open war. Even though I was working in HR, I was able to express my interests and even take a look around Recruiting and Recruitment Marketing. I also had the opportunity to undertake several training courses and seminars from the Bechtle Academy that developed my skills even beyond the work environment.

As an intern I had regular feedback meetings with my assigned superior. Quite early on came the question of my plans for my professional future as he could well imagine keeping me on after the end of my internship. I had to answer honestly that I was planning a semester abroad once the time was over. I was pretty sure I had scuppered my chances with this—but I hadn’t counted on Bechtle’s generous nature. They kept the position open for me...

And half a year after finishing the internship, I took up my new position as a working student at headquarters in Neckarsulm. I couldn’t have wishes for a better and more welcoming return and it felt like I had never been away. I was already familiar with HR’s activities from my internship meaning that I could hit the ground running. I also enjoyed a great deal of flexibility in terms of working hours and was able to organise my work and lectures at the university around each other.

Bachelor thesis and career entry.

As my studies were slowly but surely drawing to a close in autumn 2019, the question arose of whether I would be able to write my thesis in combination with practical experience at Bechtle. Although there wasn’t a suitable position in my previous team in HR, a door opened for me in another area, and this was how I came to switch to Recruiting, writing my Bachelor thesis there for four months. My colleagues’ bundled expertise was something I could always fall back on and I always had the support of my mentor.

In the end, I received an offer for a permanent position. Quite early on, I was in talks with the Team Lead from HR about the various entry options, meaning that on the very day after handing in my thesis I was able to take up my role in internal HR communication. Because Bechtle is a place where great people accomplish great things! In my new position, I can now benefit from the knowledge I have gained about Bechtle from the various stages of my journey.

In short, my development at Bechtle reflects everything that characterises them as an employer for me: Incredible reliability, connectedness, and loyalty. The company supports its young talent wherever it goes and gave me (even during the Corona crisis) the best career start I could have wished for. I’m proud to be part of this success story and a great team that’s developed friendships outside of work. I know I’ll be staying true to Bechtle for a long time to come.

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Published on Jun 23, 2020.