Microsoft Aug 15, 2019

One giant leap for Microsoft – One simple step into the cloud.

The Cloud is far more than a trend, it's a transformation of IT systems as we know them. The manner and way in which enterprises can benefit from digital innovation and changes is altering radically. For companies, it is a big challenge since it means redefining your organisational structures and processes, as well as introducing new technologies. Microsoft is constantly providing simpler ways into the cloud and its management—such as Azure Migrate and Azure Lighthouse.

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There are many reasons why our customers find themselves on a path to the cloud. For example, end of support for Windows 2008 and SQL 2008—Microsoft will only provides advanced support if they have been moved to the cloud. Additionally, expiry of existing infrastructure contracts can make IT decision-makers turn to the cloud. They weigh up the benefits of long-term investments in on-premise technologies and the opportunities of the cloud.


But this decision is just the beginning.

The beginning of the transformation. And it entails many more challenges, including acquiring new skills in the IT department, but also in employees, cost management, basic definition of governance, security, and much more. For one thing, companies need to promote acceptance of the new technology among employees.


Microsoft has identified all aspects of this challenge and therefore its Azure Migrate Service, among others, is bursting with features and has been made available for all. Additionally, Migrate integrates tools from third parties like Carbonite, Cloudamize, Corent, Device42, Turbonomic and UnifyCloud. Migration from servers is also simplified.


And we at Bechtle also benefit. Because depending on the size of the project, migrating to Azure is a fully-encompassing, complex task. The enhanced Migrate complements our portfolio with the Step Into the Cloud Standard Azure Implementation ideally. With our readiness guidelines and services we can accelerate the transformation and achieve an optimum result for our customers.


Now you’re in the cloud...

Our focus in cloud transformations is always on Managed Services, leading to the success of our customers by offering them measurable added-value. We place special importance on cost management, deployment of security governments, and comprehensive management customer environments. In this way, we are able to build on a further tool with Azure Lighthouse that allows ideal cloud management and customer resources to be optimally gathered in one place. This is how we simplify our services in regard to automation and efficiency in great style. We can help customers even better in this way, and they can dedicate themselves to their actual business requirements and needs despite the huge transformation and managing a new infrastructure.


That means...

Microsoft is always working on new products to make the cloud more accessible—like Migrate and Lighthouse. This helps us to provide our customers with the best support. The transformation will be accelerated and simplified.

William Heurdier
Azure Competence Center Lead