Remarketing is all the rage.

Second-hand has long been acceptable, vintage is a hip trend in furniture and clothes, and reprocessed IT hardware has also lost its negative image in the IT industry. Remarketing is the reuse or recycling of IT hardware and has become an essential component of the sustainable circular economy.

These days, the terms Remarketing and Used IT represent so much more than its original meaning and covers a whole host of sustainability topics. The expressions date back to the 1990s, when used but fully functional hardware was simply sold on. Over time, the market has not only recognised the industry’s potential, but has also met external demands for more responsibility for people, resources, the environment and data security. From refurbishing hardware and appropriate disposal of individual parts to secure data erasure, remarketing closes the gap in a product’s sustainable lifecycle. The scope of hardware that can be re-used ranges from small parts, PCs, notebooks and monitors to servers, networks, storage systems and mobile end devices.

Bechtle Remarketing GmbH, located in the north-German city of Wesel, offers a sustainable service portfolio that includes affordable solutions for the refurbishing and marketing of used IT equipment, and the recycling and professional disposal of parts that have reached the end of their lives. It is of utmost importance that customer data does not end up in the wrong hands, which is why data are securely erased in accordance with ISO 27001 standards in the company.

Many customers, particularly those in the public sector, want to know what happens to IT systems after they are decommissioned when purchasing new hardware. Before they even order, they consider the products’ entire lifecycles and data security. Bechtle Remarketing checks the inventory of disused customer devices before offering a fair market value for them. They don’t only take on the return of these obsolete devices, but also ensure the data on them are securely erased before breathing new life into the hardware or its components  thus protecting resources, the environment and economic interests.

In reality, this means that, once the data has been erased, Bechtle Remarketing tests the devices. If they can still be used productively, they are resold around the world.  “Used” doesn’t necessarily tell us anything about age or performance. In fact, used devices are particularly attractive to a large consumer group in much the same way as off-lease and one-year-old used cars are, whether it be quickly equipping employees to work from home during the coronavirus crisis or temporarily loaning a large TV channel IT equipment for a major sporting event.

Devices that have reached the end of their lives are disassembled by Bechtle Remarketing in cooperation with waste management companies and the materials either resold, recycled or professionally disposed of. As well as plastic, devices contain a lot of valuable raw materials such as gold, copper and rare earths, which can be re-used.


More information on the topic of sustainability at Bechtle can be found in the Bechtle Sustainability Report 2019.

Alexander Thiele, Managing Director Bechtle Remarketing GmbH

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This post was published on Sep 23, 2019.