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Networking, data centres and delicious food – My third trainee module.

My name is Christian Reuer and I’m a junior account manager at the Bechtle IT System House in Karlsruhe. I’ve also been part of Bechtle’s trainee programme since 1 October 2019, which I’ve found extremely helpful! The programme involves extensive training in a genuine work environment so that, at the end of my nine months, I’ll be able to hit the ground running. In fact, the employment website ABSOLVENTA, has recognised the programme several times as “career-enhancing” and “fair”. In this blog I give details of my third trainee module, which took place in mid-February 2020.

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Junior Account Manager


After graduating from college with a degree in business administration, I began my career as a central purchaser procuring service and commercial vehicles, high-bay storage system and forklifts. My close relations with suppliers and experience with a broad range of sales partners eventually convinced me to “switch sides” and to develop my own sales style. This about-face was also reflected in my choice to work in a completely different industry. And the fact that I ended up at a leading European IT company made everything that much more exciting.


The IT System House in Karlsruhe where I work encouraged me to apply for the trainee programme. I was a complete rookie when it came to IT and it would have been counter-productive to take on a full workload without mastering the fundamentals. So I was very pleased to learn I was accepted. The title “trainee” took some of the pressure off, shielding me from too-high expectations - although my own ambition to excel often means that I’m impatient with my growth and development. I certainly can’t wait to work on my first big projects!


Useful seminars and a variety of tasks.

For me, a typical trainee week begins - apart from the current special situation - with a day at the office. I coordinate ongoing projects with customers, project managers and technicians, submit proposals and contact new customers here and there to provide information about Bechtle or let them know about events that may interest them. Events are generally great networking opportunities where I can meet VIPMs for large vendors or engage in interesting conversations with potential customers. Any leads are followed up on the following day. Account managers also meet up to discuss current topics.


Training and seminars are an important part of the trainee programme. At the beginning of the year we learned everything important about body language and our own appearance in a training session. Occasions like this really show me how much I still have to learn. They also make it clear that business success isn’t a coincidence, but rather a product of a confident, competent demeanour.


Three chock-full days.

The third trainee module includes the Bechtle Managed Services segment. The first day of the module involved informational presentations from various Bechtle departments and ended with a fun evening event. Experts and managers from the company’s central units, as well as specialists, explained how they support the Group’s systems integrators. They also spent time answering our questions.


In the evening we had a nice dinner, with the regular restaurant staff who usually cater to Bechtle Platz 1 employees at lunch aided by some 20 trainees. There was something for everyone, including Swabian-inspired tapas, chicken burgers and dessert. Everything tasted outstanding, as we’ve come to expect from a company whose quality standards are high across the board.


On the second day, we were asked to prepare creative presentations on specific requirements of a fictitious call for tenders, which we gave using PowerPoint, flip charts and short videos.

Then we left Neckarsulm for Frankfurt, where we spent the third day visiting the NTT data centre. In two groups, we were first introduced to the data center with all its high-security features that ensure the operation of the devices and availability of the data at all times.


Filled to the brim with information from three full days, each of us returned to our respective IT System Houses throughout Germany. I can’t wait to see everyone again!

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This post was published on Apr 8, 2020.