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Digital communication solutions for educational institutions.

With schools closed across Germany to prevent the spread of coronavirus, previous forms of digital communication to support school operations are reaching their limits. Communication between school heads, teachers, students and also parents is hugely important. Bechtle supports educational institutions with professional, globally tried and tested collaboration tools and cost-neutral solutions for fast and secure use, opening more doors than ever.

Collaboration means location-independent communication and information environments accessible via the internet, which in many companies compliment classic applications such as e-mail and telephone and enable new ways of working together. Together with Cisco, Microsoft and Google, Bechtle provides corporate customers and educational institutions with simple, fast access to the technologies that can help minimise the impact of the current crisis.


With access for a large number of users and communication environments—from virtual one-to-one meetings to group discussions and lectures—schools can also create the basis for an additional form of information and knowledge sharing. Access is easy via a variety of end devices such as PCs, tablets, notebooks and smartphones.

In addition to advising on the best solutions and their technical deployment, our experts provide initial instruction and training on the use of the collaboration tools. In the current climate, the offers are cost-neutral for schools. Your account manager in the local Bechtle IT system houses and at Bechtle direct can provide further information. School administrators can also contact the Bechtle Clouds experts using the forms listed below for the different solutions.

The following solutions are now available for schools and educational institutions:
Cisco Webex


Cisco Webex Enterprise Trial

• Up to 1,000 active users

• Free for 90 days (can be extended by a further 90 days)


Interested in Cisco Webex? Please complete the following form.

Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams Commercial Cloud (User Initiated) Trial

• Free for 6 months

• Up to 1,000 users


Microsoft Teams for Education

• Permanently free


Want to find out more about Microsoft Teams? Get in touch via this form.


G Suite for Education

• Permanently free


G Suite for Education

• Free until 1 July 2020


Want to find out more about what Google can offer? Get in touch with our experts here.

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