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Bechtle plants trees.

According to a statement made at the Glasgow Climate Change Conference, every minute a space the size of 27 football pitches is deforested. To provide a solution to this problem, over 100 countries that attended the conference have pledged to stop deforestation by 2030. Among them were several EU states. Forests, being the lungs of our planet, absorb around a third of the global carbon dioxide released from burning fossil fuels each year. Besides this, the forest is also a place for recreation and a home to many endangered species. For this reason, three Bechtle IT system houses have started tree sponsorships in their region.

Bechtle greenifies Bonn.

True to the motto “Bechtle greenifies Bonn” the Bechtle IT system house Bonn is supporting the planting of 500 trees in the Kottenforst forest and the therefore the corresponding project called “Zeitenwende” (roughly: “turning point”). The project started off at the end of October, when the first tree was planted and the rest will be planted until March 2022. The trees are being planted by the Landesbetrieb Wald und Holz in North Rhine-Westphalia, which consists of 14 regional forestry offices. The project will also extend to Bonn’s primary schools, allowing young students to participate in adventure-based learning. The students will become tree sponsors and learn a wealth of information on the forest eco-system and even get to help with the planting. 

Dortmund plants the future.

True to the motto “plant the future” the Bürgerwald Möhnesee forest near Dortmund is being forested. The Bechtle IT system house Dortmund has taken on the sponsorship for trees valued at 15,000 euros, which equates to 7,500 m² of forest that can be sowed with 3,891 larches and beeches. “We’re planning to sow even more land, in an attempt to improve the quality of life in our region,” says project coordinator Stefanie Burchartz from Bechtle IT Dortmund.

The Bechtle forest in the north.

Somewhere in-between the two Bechtle Hamburg locations Kiel and Hamburg, more specifically in Hohenaspe, a Bechtle forest is being planted, which is just as dynamic as Bechtle’s most northern German system house. Each employee has received their own tree with a certificate, GPS data and identification number. Regionalism was one of the main criteria for the choice of the forest’s location. “It’s easy for us to drop by and watch our trees grow, in a transparent and comprehensible way,” says the person who came up with the idea, Laura Klotz, Bechtle IT Hamburg. Service provider PLANT-MY-TREE® works with regional tree nurseries and forest wardens, taking great care to choose the right pieces of land and tree species. Planting starts on 24 November 2021, 535 trees have been ordered, and that’s not all. In future, each new employee in Hamburg and Kiel will receive their own tree in the Bechtle forest as a welcome gift.

Did you know...

Trees absorb carbon from carbon dioxide from the environment when they grow. By means of photosynthesis they bind the carbon and release oxygen. If the tree is felled and its wood processed, for example into furniture, the carbon remains unreleased. It is released on the other hand when the tree is burnt or it rots in the forest. How much carbon a tree can store depends on many factors. For one, the age of the trees, as young trees absorb less CO2, but also on the geographical location, as tropical forests grow faster than those in Germany. It’s therefore difficult to make any exact calculations.

The Bayerische Landesanstalt für Wald- und Forstwirtschaft (Bavarian State Institute of Forestry), however, has released calculation tables that enable estimates. A 23-metre-high beech for example stores about one ton of carbon over the course of its life via photosynthesis, given that it has a diameter of 30 centimetres. In order to compensate for one person’s annual CO2 emissions, it would require nine large beeches. A beech tree in Germany usually has a life average of 150 years, but most are cut down before that for processing.  


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This post was published on Nov 4, 2021.