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Schools Competence Centre in Mainz awarded SMART Platinum Partner status.

The Canadian company, SMART Technologies, is regarded as the world’s leading manufacturer of interactive displays and has been collaborating with Bechtle for the last ten years, culminating in the Schools Competence Centre in Mainz—part of the Bechtle IT System House Bonn/Cologne—being honoured with the highest status of SMART Platinum Partner in Education and Enterprise Business. Only five businesses across Germany have been given membership to this exclusive club, and the award recognises strong revenue growth, development of expertise and the associated high-levels of skill with respect to the manufacturer’s display solutions Bechtle also scored highly in device support with its 1st level hotline.

Digital systems and tools have long been part of our personal and professional lives, facilitating collaboration and complementing analogue learning methods, but therefore also placing increasing pressure on businesses and schools alike. Employees and teaching staff not only need to be qualified to use them, but also have access to fast internet and a sufficient number of devices such as tablets or smartboards to ensure the transformation is a success. And this is exactly SMART Technologies’ aim. “We develop simple, intuitive and networked solutions such as the SMART Board Interactive Display, SMART Notebook and SMART Learning Suite—technologies that give corporate teams, teaching staff and students new ways to leverage interactive learning and enjoy seamless team work. Our relationship with Bechtle has flourished over the last ten years, which has allowed us to precisely target our comprehensive product and solutions portfolio. All along, Bechtle has more than proven that expertise combined with sales power can be beneficial to all parties,” says Stephan Walter, End User Sales Manager Education & Enterprise, SMART Technologies.

School experts in Mainz.

Bechtle has been increasingly involved in the subject of school digitalisation, setting up two Competence Centres in Germany. The IT company is both a consultant and innovations and technology partner, tackling challenges in procurement and has seen a glimpse of the classroom of the future. If you want to know how the classroom of tomorrow differs from that of today, look no further than the digital classroom located at the Bechtle Competence Centre for schools located in Mainz, where administrators, headteachers and teaching staff can test out the technologies of the future. We are very proud to have been awarded the highest Platinum Partner status. There have been considerable changes in the way people collaborate in education and the world of business of the last few years and we now need smart tools, but also end-to-end concepts that take into account installation, operation, maintenance and security. SMART Technologies solutions have perfectly complemented our modern conferencing solutions portfolio for many years, but this new status further cements our partnership and has brought us one step closer to our goal of supporting our customers on their digital transformation journey with tailored offers,” says Monika Stütz, Head of the Schools K12 Competence Centre in Mainz.

Transforming education.

The key to digitalising schools is in a comprehensive media development plan that is customised to each individual institution. Alongside modern teaching tools, Bechtle also considers in-house management processes and turns plans for developing pedagogical concepts into stable IT infrastructures into reality. “Digitalisation has really started to take off in Germany and we are now laying the foundations for the future of schools. Of course, we want to get as much as possible right and continue to develop our skills in this field, and so it goes without saying that the IT should be handled by an expert rather than having the teaching staff worry about running, security, backups and updates. They need to focus on the teaching and with SMART solutions, we are able to offer technological alternatives that best support them to do so,” explains Andreas Frey, Sales, Schools K12 Competence Centre in Mainz.

About SMART Technologies Inc.

For over 30 years, SMART Technologies has been developing digital teaching tools for schools, universities and educational institutions. The inventor of the SMART Board Display works closely with education experts to make learning more interactive, fun and effective. The company regularly carries out research into how educational technology is received by lecturers, teachers, and students, tailoring the development of its educational tools precisely to their needs. Some 70 million learners around the world are using SMART solutions in their classrooms.
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Christian Schwaiger (right), Managing Director of SMART Technologies, hands over the award to Monika Stütz and Andreas Frey at the digital classroom located in the Mainz office.

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This post was published on Aug 2, 2021.