Hacker School @yourschool bridges a gap between the requirements of teachers, teaching plans, digitalisation, and later vocational trainers. Pupils can get a first impression and gain enthusiasm for programming in just a morning of four hours. How does Hacker School @yourschool work and what does it have to do with HanseVision?

Several of our colleagues from our developer team are “inspirers” and head up various courses. So far, all courses have been remote due to the pandemic conditions. We at HanseVision want to get young people excited about IT and are supporting the project with six developers currently.

While I was at school, the compulsory IT lessons came up very short. Together with Hacker School, I’d like to change this and give every student the chance to really get to grips with the broad field of IT.

Our HanseVision developer team currently consists of 17 people as of January 2022. We are specialised in various application development areas, from desktop and cloud applications to mobile apps. These are all exciting fields, but what are the first points of contact with the students? And what exactly are the elements that make up a Hacker School workshop? The course topics are practical and relate to the lessons, such as programming an algorithm in Python for climate data or implementing a simple game using program blocks and animated figures.

What we at HanseVision really like about this concept? In the YourSchool courses, pupils can briefly escape the traditional lesson format and explore the world of programming in small groups—with us to inspire them, and without any worries of homework, marks, or tests. They can simply enjoy it and get to know IT at their own pace.

The aim of Hacker School—and our aim too—is to make pupils more confident and enthusiastic.