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What does a Cloud Service Manager actually do?

In a crisis, he is the man of the hour. As a Cloud Service Manager at Bechtle Munich/Regensburg, Robin Wedekind is the first port of call for his customers. His strengths lie in maintaining an overview, quickly finding solutions and keeping a cool head—skills he puts to good use not only at Bechtle, but also in his voluntary work as a firefighter. How does he juggle the two? With flexible hours and remote working.

More than 13,000 people from 100 nations work for the Bechtle Group in 14 European countries. We are many and varied—a fact that is reflected in the diverse number of career opportunities. In this series of blogs, we are going to give you a peak behind the scenes of some positions. And there’s no-one better for the job than our colleagues themselves.

Robin, what does your day-to-day work as a Cloud Service Manager involve?

Robin Wedekind: I’m the first point of contact for our customers and am responsible for ensuring that they receive the right services for their individual requirements. I take care of everything they need, implement optimisation measures, manage our in-house service units and document all project processes, which means I have a lot of interaction with other departments. My aim is to provide the best service experience possible.

Which skills are essential for the job?

You have to be very perceptive and an excellent communicator. It’s important to understand the needs of my customers and the work of my colleagues in the service delivery units and mediate between them. That means I’m constantly interacting with others. It’s the foundation of successful collaboration. Of course, it’s also beneficial to have good in-depth knowledge of a range of IT topics—from the cloud to computer architecture. 

What kind of support have you received during your career thus far?

I’ve taken part in numerous on-site and remote training seminars which helped me get to know the tools I need for my day-to-day work. I developed an affinity for the ITIL framework which meant I could take the highest certification straight off the bat. The Bechtle Academy has a fantastic selection of seminars all employees can use to aid their personal and professional growth.

Are there any parallels between your job and your work as a volunteer firefighter?

Yes! I have to deal with challenging, sometimes unpredictable situations that require fast solutions in both. In both cases, it’s essential to maintain an overview, keep cool and coordinate well with everyone involved. I cherish both roles because I know I’m contributing to something much bigger. 

What happens if there’s a fire while you’re working? 

Then there is no time to lose! I have ten minutes max. to get to the scene. There are obviously times such as during management meetings or when I’m on-site with a customer when I can’t just drop everything, but I have the flexibility to choose my hours and place of work, so I’m nearly always ready to respond to a call. My superiors are very supportive and I’m incredibly grateful for that! They understand how important it is to be committed.

Before you started at Bechtle, what was your impression of the company and what, if anything, has changed in the meantime?

I always used to be concerned that I wouldn’t be able to grow at a company as large as Bechtle, but these thoughts were completely banished as soon as I had my first interview. From day one, I felt part of the team and was able to fully contribute after just a few months. The same is true today as it was back then. If I see a way of optimising something, then I go ahead and do it, which is the biggest plus of working for Bechtle!

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This post was published on Nov 4, 2022.